There are numerous versions of gold bars that are available throughout the entire planet. The entire list has been collated and listed below taken from various sources. The weight of gold internationally is measured in grams, but the ounces are used in countries such as the United States of America, The United Kingdom and Australia. As for countries such as India, Pakistan, Singapore and the Arabian Peninsula (including the Middle East and Malaysia) Tolas are used instead. As for Hong Kong, China, Taiwan and Macau gold is measured in Ta’els. Korea, Vietnam and Thailand use Dons Chi and Baht’s respectively. Coming back to the list of gold bars that available to the general masses of the world the list is as follows:

Single Ounce, 5 Ounce, 10 Ounce, 50 Ounce, 100 Ounce, 200 Ounce, 400 ounce, Fine Gold Cards, Bone Bar, Gold Fillet Bars, Historical Rothschild Bars, Oldest Stamp, Oldest Assay Mark, Bullion Coins, Gold Nuggets, Pendant Bars, Double Pendant Bars, Bank Bars, Commemorative Bars, Heart Bars, Kinebars, Bullion Watch Bars, Fine Art Bars, Bas-Relief Bar, Full-Color Bars, Cartoon Bars, Minted Brick Bars, Model Bars, Tezabi Bars, Yin-Yang Bars, Kuban Bars, Twin-Coin Bar, Gold Leaf Bars, Gold-Bearing Ore, Dore Bars, Garimpo Dore, Ta’el Bars, Baht Bars, Tola Bars, Chi Bars, Decorative Bars, Hologram Bars, Rainbow Bars.

The bars listed above are from different regions and different gold markets from across the globe. These bars are all pure 24 Karat gold which are deemed to contain 99.99% gold. Most of the people who buy gold bullion never actually hold it physically (although some do, and essaying is required if the owner intends to sell the gold bars) and are usually stored in vaults of foreign banks that are guarded and insured. The gold in these vaults are labeled and tagged with ownership serial numbers that are recorded and logged by the vaults.

The bars are traded over counters from one owner to another without actually ever leaving the vault it is contained in. This is also the same system that is practiced by the London Gold Bullion Market.

The price of these gold bars is dictated by the London Gold Fix daily.