What You Need to Know About UTE Ladder Racks

What came first, the chicken or the egg? The car or the ladder rack? While scientists are not in agreement on the first case, we all would agree that it would be quite daft having ladder racks before inventing the car. But now that we have both cars (even utes) and ladder racks, we can properly speak about the advantages of having a ute ladder rack and what to look for when you want to buy one.

As you well know, ute ladder racks are not only used to transport your ladder. Are you asking “what are they”? If you have been to Australia before then I am pretty sure you must have seen those ute vehicles (ute is short for utility) carrying tools and ladders on a rack on top of the roof. That’s what we are talking about. Of course, since ute vehicles have a big box at the back, ladder racks require some poles to support them.

Advantages of Having a UTE Ladder Rack

No matter whether you have a big van or a smaller one, having a rack allows you to carry equipment that would otherwise not fit inside your vehicle. You could think “Why do I need a rack when I could simply lean the ladder against the roof of my ute and make sure it doesn’t move”. That is true, but there are some disadvantages. 1) By carrying your long cargo in a diagonal position, you increase the total height of your ute, this would prevent you from making it through garage doors or gates. 2) By doing so, you compromise the cargo space in your ute’s box. All this can be avoided when you carry your cargo laying flat on top of a ute ladder rack.

What You Have to Look for When Buying

Materials: You can usually choose between steel or aluminum. The first one may be cheaper and you can find some that carry up to 1700 lb., so you are not only limited to carrying your ladder. The aluminum ones seem to be more popular nowadays. It is true they are a bit more pricy, but they are made to last longer, so the investment is worth the money.

How you load and unload: When workers faced the challenge of loading and unloading heavy cargos from or on the racks, some came with pretty neat ideas to avoid the hassle. You can find a variety of implements that attach to your racks and will make the process a lot easier.

Grip: Can you imagine yourself on a rainy day, trying to load a heavy cargo onto your ute ladder rack? Yes, you need to add some grip to that slippery metal. That’s why you can buy rubber accessories that will make sure nothing slips from its place.

Yes, racks come in all sorts and colours, the best thing now would be to visit a store and see first hand what they look like.