What is civil law? What does a civil law suit entail? Why obtain a lawyer?

Law suits are best avoided. When that is not possible you will probably need legal help to understand how civil litigation works in respect of your matter.

According to www.legaldictionary.com, this means “the system of law concerned with private relations between members of the community rather than criminal, military or religious affairs.” Whilst that is a useful statement in a general sense there is much more to civil law and incidental litigation. Suffice it to say that civil litigation means those matters than do not involve a criminal component although in some cases one impacts on the other.

Whilst personal injury law is a common incident of civil litigation Litigant does not practice in that area. As such you may want to look elsewhere if you matter involves incidents involving car accidents

  • motorcycle accidents
  • pedestrian accidents
  • slip and fall accidents
  • work related accidents
  • animal attacks causing personal injury
  • dangerous products causing personal injury.

Most of the matters handled by Litigant involve a contractual component. However, there are many types of civil cases that rely on non-contractual causes of action such as common law misrepresentation, fraudulent misrepresentation, negligent misrepresentation, matters falling under the Trade Practices Act (now called the Australian Consumer Law) and other remedies such as restitution or estoppel. Given that these remedies have such a wide application it would not be possible to set out all the circumstances in which they can apply. If you need a better understanding of your rights in respect of a civil litigation claim then be sure to give us a call.

If you need assistance with a civil lawsuit, contact us. We would be glad to help.

This content does not purport to give legal advice. Readers must obtain their own legal advice, that applies to the particular circumstances of their case, before taking any action at all.