What are all the trading platform used by the Mib700

Through trading with Mib700, the customers can avail trading services that include trading in markets like Commodities, Forex, Indices, and Shares. It is of the duty of the staff at Mib700 that the customers availing trading services are provided services of highly experienced market professionals, along with customer service and reliability.

The platform of Mib 700 is designed to offer a fast and flexible service and also covers the markets of US, UK, Asia and Europe. The companies’ like Mib700 ensures that their staffs are provided with all the required and latest tools to ensure that they are equipped with all the required information and data, in order to be able to deliver best possible actions that lead to the success of our customers.

Trading Platforms


With a reliable and cordial association with MetaTrader, provider of the trading platform Mib700 customer’s seamless and speedy trading services. MT5 trading platform is considered in the market as the most respectable platform that offers fast and reliable trading functionality. In addition to the basic trading services, the platform also features certain additional complimentary options that offer an advantage to the other platforms in the market.

MT5 Desktop

The desktop version of the MT5 platform is designed particularly to offer trading services in various disciplines such as currencies, stocks, CFDs, and futures. The desktop version of MT5 trading platform also features broad accessibility in a wide variety of assets and several other traditional instruments that our customers desire to trade in the financial markets.

Through the Market Watch window available in the desktop MT5 platform, the traders can conveniently and quickly pick their desired stock symbols and perform their trade so easily and quickly. Moreover, the platform also provides space for monitoring current quotes; perform one-click trading, gain the access to tick data and several other options.

The platform also supports performing netting and hedging and it also can be used for Forex trading with multiple positions that perform well with latest robots of trading. The traders using this platform can implement different strategies at current market prices and supports pending orders with a preset lifetime.

Several other built-in features of the platform that are included are many indicators, channels of technical analysis, and the platform also has an advantage of being compatible with analytical instruments such as Elliott tools, Fibonacci and Gann. Through the Exposure tab the trader can easily evaluate the current account status, and through the History tab, the trader can avail information related to the trades that he or she has previously executed and also access the analysis reports in his or her trading.

In addition to these many features, the MT5 platform also provides its customers with easy access to news and calendars inside the trading terminal, and moreover, the customer will also be able to access valuable and in-depth information related to the company events through the Company tabs. The Market tab of the platform will feature many analytical applications that will help the researcher stay up to date on the market information and data.