Understanding The Pros Of Rugby

Rugby is a high-level competitive sport that people in many parts of the world love to participate and watch. It is imperative for the players participating in this sport to be physically and mentally ready the moment the game begins and understand the rules of the sport. The objective of each team of fifteen players participating in this sport is to bring the rugby ball over to their opponent’s goal line in order to score a point. They can achieve this by carrying the ball with their hands over the goal line after out- maneuvering and outwitting their opponents or kicking the ball over the crossbar in case of a penalty.

Brendan Triplettis a former infantry sergeant from America and an ardent rugby fan who loves to share his insights on the game and its development through his writing in his blog posts. In fact, this wonderful sport has always been a part of his life and wants to popularize this sport in America. During adolescence, he was a prominent rugby player who would participate in matches at the school and college level. During his tenure in the armed forces where he served in Kosovo and Iraq, he received the prestigious Purple Heart Medal and the Bronze Star Medal with “V” Device for valor and was the brainchild behind the creation of a volunteer rugby team and being its captain. In fact, many of the soldiers he taught were surprised to notice the similarities between military and rugby training.

This former Army veteran says that participating in rugby matches has the following physical and psychological benefits:

  1. Cardiovascular health

Rugby is an outdoor sport that involves plenty of running and is an ideal cardiovascular exercise. Playing the sport on a regular basis helps to maintain body weight and enhances a participant’s physical fitness.

  1. Stress Buster

Long-term stress in people results in insomnia, cancer, diabetes and stomach ailments. However, participating in team sports like rugby is an ideal outlet for frustrations and releases feel good hormones endorphins that enhance a person’s mood.

  1. Muscular endurance

Apart from improving cardiovascular health, playing this amazing sport helps to improve the participants’ muscular strength. The primary core of rugby training focuses on explosive power which is common in sprinters and is an ideal way to reduce body fat and develop lean muscles.

  1. Builds discipline

Rugby is a sport where the participants learn self-discipline and control with its structured training. Apart from the above, this sport teaches them the virtues of goal setting, working within a team, maintaining a regular schedule and physically fitness which are essential for a child’s development into an adult.

  1. Eases depression

Sports in general have a positive effect on mental health in combating depression and mental illnesses and rugby is no exception. This unique team sport gives the participants a sense of purpose and belonging to a team especially when they work out together and contribute to winning matches.

You can find out more on the positive effects of playing rugby by searching for Brendan Triplett on blogspot.