Tom Colton explains the 4 lessons marketers can acquire from College Football

New Years is around the corner and there are a variety of ways in which people celebrate it. There is one set of people who go to parties and celebrate the New Years’ Eve and others reflect on opportunities to start afresh. But, there are many who watch football, college football. Tom Colton is himself a huge college football fan and he categorically explains how watching matches of college football can go beyond mere recreation. Having an Ireland lineage, he is a big admirer of Fighting Irish. Everything about college football fascinates him.

So, listen up, because Colton as a fan has extracted a couple of lessons from the game that can be of much use and productivity to the marketers. The common strings between the two master field, marketing, and football are as follows:

A Sound Game Plan- It’s a must weave

Colton says that just like a football team, even a team of marketers need to have a strong game plan to execute their campaigns. Just a loud announcement stating that you need to organize a marketing campaign can never suffice. A lot of planning is evidently involved in it and that has to be free from possible loopholes as much as possible. Coaches prepare their teams by watching films on opponent’s game plan strategy. Similarly, even marketers are needed to keep a watch on the competitor’s strategies to emerge as a champion in the market with well-planned targets and wins.

Be ready for surprises

Whether it is building a strategy for a football team or a marketing campaign, the original plan must have some alternative in case of any surprise development. Plan B and C and their testing and analysis in real-time are equally crucial and significant to play a successful match a run business campaigns successfully as well. Planning gets you to put the fundamentals in place but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you won’t be faced with challenges on the way. What if some kind of fraud or court case obstructs the way? Thus, as a marketer or a footballer, you must be flexible to make changes to strategies according to new developments.

Team players are champions

Marketing teams require a pool of people comprising of both right and left brained talent. This means people whose thinking process is data-oriented and those who can think out-of-the-box can potentially leverage the marketing strategies and emerge as winners. Tom Colton says that the same philosophy holds true in case of college football as well. You may have a great quarterback but if you don’t acknowledge the talent of each team member, it is of no use. A successful marketing campaign similarly demands a strong team play achieve more and more audience conversions.

Good Coach Matters

A visionary leadership personality can do wonders for both football teams as well as marketing teams. Like football coaches, the leader of a successful marketing team also has a “never give up” spirit and enough experience to forward drive the entire team on the path to victory.