Tips on photography for the Beginners

Photography may seem to include highly complicated and technical details but you cannot refute that some of the best photographs that have won international awards are those that are impulsively ‘clicked in the moment’ bringing out the essence of the theme and let the pictures speak for themselves. Unquestionably, it helps to have the modern equipment and accessories in hand, but all that you need is that moment prior each shot when your thought flow is in tune with the image you are taking.

Grace Jackson Georgia loves to click the photos during her leisure hours of her friends as well as the stunning landscapes around Portland. Photographing is Grace’s hobby. Being a graphic designer she understands technology and this is something that she utilizes when clicking photographs. Listed below are some of the helpful tips provided by Grace for the beginners regarding photography:

  • Try clicking the same thing in as numerous ways you can that arrest various aspects. After you click look through your shoot and analyze your work. Be aware of what has gone perfectly and what did not and why. Also edit the shoot which is an important part of the learning process.
  • Be quick and spontaneous while capturing a moment. Children, wildlife and pets, can get restless and impatient or not be interested in posing for that perfect shot.
  • Know how to compose since when clicking photographs it is important to compose. This can be done by leveling the horizon, cropping out things that look pointless, keeping the subject in place and setting the viewpoint so that the vision is directed towards the subject.
  • Use a higher ISO, large aperture lenses, flash and smaller aperture value when clicking photos in low light or dark conditions.
  • It is vital to ensure that the subject faces the main source of light. The light should fall on the subject evenly. Use reflectors if required to reflect the light on the subject’s face.
  • Focus on the background, if the background does not add to the subject, use a basic backdrop or to haze the background out.

Lastly, Grace states that you should shoot something that you feel interesting. There is no point in shooting a thing that you are not enjoying. It can be seen in the work. It is important for the photographer to be passionate about it in order to capture the moments more creatively. She says that there are many talented photographers but if they don’t enjoy taking photos, it can be seen in the quality of the images.

These are some of the simple yet vital tips that a beginner can take into consideration when clicking photographs and can get quality photos.

Basically from Portland, Oregon, Grace Jackson Georgia is a college student who loves technology and finally wants to do graphic design for a large technology company. She is at present working with a startup website as an intern graphic designer. She also loves to run and follows sports as well as blogs related to running.