Three Ways to Arrange Your Art Exhibition Hall

Organizing art fairs, exhibitions or special retrospectives are great ideas for an art dealer since these events not only give you a special recognition in the world of art but also make people aware about your presence in the industry. Many people who normally don’t visit art galleries are found in art exhibitions and fairs. And thus, displaying your art collections in exhibitions can help make fast sales or getting potential customers.

For you, both exhibitions and art fairs offer an opportunity to communicate with art lovers, answering their queries or interviewing high profile art buyers or even get source to gather antique art items. Eventually, as an art dealer, you also need regular sales of your art collections that you possess. Apart from the local newspapers, you can think of banners, or displaying the event in local television channels. Keep in mind that advertisement is a must to get higher traffic, no matter, whether you arrange the exhibition in your art gallery or at outdoor setting.

How to Arrange a Display

First of all, make sure that you have plethora of artworks of different sizes to put on sale at the art exhibition. Many people organize art exhibitions for a particular art object like paintings or sculptures, while numerous art dealers organize exhibitions displaying art works including oil paintings, paintings, wooden carving, and handicrafts and so on. In case of a retrospective, you have to choose the artist whose arts are to be displayed.

When it comes to retrospective programs, commonly it displays art works of one particular artist. The New York based Mark Borghi Fine Art is a well-known art gallery in United States that arranges series of exhibitions, art fairs and retrospectives in its huge art galleries. Apart from its main New York gallery, it has two more settings, and that are located in Palm Springs, Florida and Bridgehampton, New York.

Indoor or Outdoor Setting 

Importantly, whether you are planning to organize the art exhibition in an art gallery or outdoor that matters significantly, when it comes to the arrangement part. Typically, arranging it in art galleries don’t require further lighting arrangements or taking protections for rain, storm or shading your properties from the sun. In outdoor tents, you simply cannot avoid them, and this is a long procedure because your art items are extremely costly. Furthermore, good lighting, proper shading or focusing on art objects should be done by an expert.

Positioning Art Objects

There are plentiful ways and techniques that you can follow while displaying paintings and other work of arts. High profile art galleries like Mark Borghi Fine Art has been equipped with experts while Mark Borghi himself, the founder of the art gallery has mastery in understanding the subject of art in addition to techniques of displaying or lighting etc. As per the version of the personality that an organizer should keep in mind that attaching painting to the walls is always the right idea instead of positioning them in any other manner.

They should be hanged at one’s eye level that offers the best view where sunlight (if in outdoor) must be avoided. Once a product is sold, simply remove that from the hall or tag it with a ‘Sold’ sticker to stay away from any kind of dispute. Using of room dividers to attach different painting art works looks good and helps displaying more images.