Third Party Advocacy Explained by Experts

The name Jack Bonner, immediately conjures the image of hope.     Bonner had to create this image by sheer grit and stamina. But there lies a humanitarian reason behind his desire to help people and share his expertise with those around him. In today’s digital world, Bonner has capitalized on the power of the media and has utilized it to its maximum extent.

Jack Bonner had started his life working the night shift in a steel factory and eventually rose to became the youngest head of public relations for Tuscon, Arizona. His work brought him in close contact with the city’s Mayor, high profile public servants, various department heads and the counsel members. Jack Bonner has had to work with hundreds of CEO’s and officers of major corporations and associations which has enhanced his experience vastly. His powers of constructing and then executing  public affairs through innovative  strategies  all over America has built up his considerable reputation in product marketing, regulatory issues, legislative issues and most importantly, crisis management.  The reason behind his phenomenal success  is due largely to his innovative and out-of-the-box business development model. What makes Bonners methods unique  is that he offers classical entrepreneurial  techniques for public affairs services, something which is sadly missing  in the current political scenario.

Bonner has been labeled with quite a few tags. He has been called the ‘pioneer’ of successful grassroot  services by the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal. Fortune magazine has referred to him as the   “guru of grassroots”. Others include NPR calling him the “king of grassroots”. He also regularly features in shows such as “Nightline” and The CBS Evening News.

Bonner & Associates started functioning from 1984. It was the first firm in America to have a specialized  and dedicated platform to deal with  grassroot and grasstop organizations.  Bonner then expanded his reach and started Advocacy to Win. The main aims of A2W was to create a third party advocacy by using various tools like news media, social media, rallies, meetings and plain and effective advertisements. All these are done with only one goal in mind – to help the clients  grievances and voices  to be heard.

Jack Bonner A-2-W has created and implemented strategies in public affairs of hundreds of corporations, non-profit organizations and associations by using third party advocacy. A2W first finds, then educates and mobilizes a large range of third party groups. Bonner has been responsible in helping clients reach their goals in product marketing, regulatory issues, crisis management and other related issues. Bonner and his team deal with business contract renewal campaigns which tackle the board of directors and other issues where clients version of the events need to be heard.

It’s been quite some time that A2W has been able to gather a strong army of passionate, firm and assertive voices that are put to use to advance causes close to the public heart. In this world of misinformation and disinformation, A2W with their dedicated team tries to glean and educate the average people about their basic rights and privileges so that they are not led astray. The A2W teams core strength is their ability to listen. The team members are able to build a solid rapport with the public and goes ahead with their missions to help and win the cause.