The most embarrassing things to happen in a meeting

Let’s be completely honest: there are certain things that simply must never happen at work, and we would often do almost anything to ensure that they never do. No one likes the thought of receiving bad news at work and struggling not to cry, and no one hopes that they hear that their child has been born while they were at work and they have missed the delivery! But those are just things that people would rather avoid at work – the world would not end if they did, and many people have survived them happening with rather good grace. There are things, however, that would completely destroy a meeting if they were to happen during that time, and whether you have consciously thought about it or not, many people would do anything to avoid them.

The real question is, have you ever experienced them – and what have you done to recover the meeting?

  1. Your teeth falling out

Of course, this is the sort of panic that would only hit someone getting fixed dentures but there are plenty of people receiving that type of dental treatment these days, and so it is becoming more and more likely that someone will laugh, or lean forward with a very important point to make, and all of a sudden, before they realize what is happening, their dentures fall out! Now if someone is getting fixed dentures then that’s unlikely to happen, but anyone who is getting temporary dentures – the ones that are a little more like gum shields, and can pop out whenever necessary – is going to have to live in fear of suddenly choking up their teeth in the middle of a meeting.

How do you recover from that? Well . . . you don’t. That’s why getting fixed dentures instead of temporary ones is so important!

  1. Letting out a little gas

Most common for those vitally important meetings that happen just after work, letting out a little gas during a meeting can be absolutely excruciatingly embarrassing. Of course, there are different types of things experience: the silent but deadly, when no one knows who it was that dealt the blow but everyone complains loudly about the smell; the slight noise which means that the people either side of you know exactly what happened, but no one else in the room can prove it; and the absolute trumpet call, in which you could never ever deny that it was you. None of these are very pleasant to experience, but it is the trumpet call that so many people panic about, and we completely understand why.

How do you recover from that? Well . . . you don’t. That’s why you should always visit the bathroom before the meeting, even if you do not feel as though you need to go.

  1. Forgetting someone’s name

Some people are just better at remembering names that others – and some people are so dire that they continuously forget no matter how many times they get told. It can be very embarrassing to be the sort of person who struggles to remember people’s names, especially if you are in an important meeting and you want to be able to show off your prowess to people. It is hard to know which is worse, of course: forgetting the name of someone in your own business which makes you look like you dislike them, or forgetting the name of someone who is coming to visit your business which makes you look like you do not consider them important at all.

How do you recover from that? Well . . . you don’t. Try different memory techniques before you go into the meeting to see if that helps.