The little things holding you back in business

When it comes to getting ahead in business, there are a wide variety of things that you need to excel in. You must know absolutely everything about your field, you should be comfortable with others in your industry, and you must have the drive to want to succeed and get to the top. However, reaching the absolute best of your business is often a difficult task, and that can take an entire lifetime to be able to achieve. The strange thing is that there are some people who have all of this talent in spades, and yet have not managed to excel in business, and they do not have any idea why they are not succeeding. So how does that happen?

It is a challenge that many people have, and it is not restricted to one particular type of business or industry. There seems to be a glass ceiling preventing them from getting any further than they are, and this can become very frustrating, especially when you see other people that are not as smart as you, or not as talented as you, progressing onwards and upwards. So what can you do about it? What could be holding you back from achieving your career goals?

Well, there are a few little things that many people do not realize are preventing them from getting that promotion, and they are not easy things to talk about:

  1. Bad breath

We’ve all had that friend, colleague, or fellow commuter with absolutely terrible breath – and it can be irritating! You do not want to spend any time with them, and so if you have this same problem, then no one in a higher team is going to want to talk to you. Any dentist excelling in restoring teeth in San Diego will be able to help you with special breath fresheners, or better oral hygiene. Restoring teeth in San Diego starts with fresh and minty breath, so many sure that people aren’t crinkling up their noses as you come towards them.

  1. Bad teeth

If your teeth are crooked, discoloured, or with gaps, you may find that recruiters are completely unable to concentrate on what you are saying. You need to find a dentist who is expert in restoring teeth in San Diego who can help you to transform your teeth into a set that are not only more beautiful, but are actually going to be healthier in the long run. A dentist good at restoring teeth in San Diego will be able to do it quickly and easily, and all your colleagues will notice is how nicer your smile is.

  1. Bad body odor

This is the awful stage of life that many of us go through during puberty when scent and deodorant hasn’t come on the horizon yet – but most of us are able to escape it. Sadly not all of us, and this can be the number one turn off for many people, this is a difficult conversation to have with anyone, let alone someone that you work with. If you think that this could be you – or even if you are not sure – then perhaps a switch to a different deodorant and try showering more often.

  1. Bad language

Not necessarily cursing, bad language can sometimes be informal language in the boardroom that should technically be left outside the office. This can be really off-putting, and can give you a bad name in the industry that can prevent you from moving onwards and upwards in your career. Perhaps ask a colleague whether you think that you are pitching correctly in meetings.