The Importance of Facilities Management

Companies across the UK utilised outsourced facilities management teams to keep their properties at the highest standards throughout the year. Whenever individuals or companies invested in multi-family homes or owned their office premises, they often discovered quite a few responsibilities associated with the regular maintenance of the properties. For example, buildings experience wear and tear throughout the year due to weather, use, and other factors. For this reason, exteriors must be cleaned regularly, grass and other shrubbery clipped, and more. These individuals and companies already had the responsibility of owning multiple properties on their hands and they could not find the time or spend the payroll to hire in-house maintenance teams. To find a solution, they turned to facilities management services designed to take the hard work off of their plates.

General Maintenance

Facilities management companies such as UK Commercial Group offered general maintenance and repairs throughout the year to keep a facility at its best. Fixing chipped exterior paint, sweeping walkways, and trimming grass all fell under the umbrella of regular requirements in regard to a commercial property. To keep up with this demand, companies chose to delegate this work to teams specially trained to get the job done in a timely manner and with minimal cost to the company.


No matter how well they were designed, plumbing pipes eventually fall into disrepair and need reputable and trained professionals to perform maintenance. During times of freezing and thawing, pipes may burst and cause serious problems and property damage. Although insurance on the property might keep companies from directly losing money due to this problem, they needed hired professionals such as UK Commercial Group to ensure that they fixed the issues long before such an incident. By performing routine preventative maintenance, property owners enjoyed more peace of mind as they focused on the financial and management aspects of their properties.

Interior Cleaning

Potential renters began making assumptions about the quality and credibility of properties long before they ever stepped foot inside a rental suite. They first looked to the exteriors of the properties, wanting to see cleanly cut grass, beautiful landscaping, and attractive facilities. Then, they turned to the leasing offices, focusing on their interiors and their general attractiveness and cleanliness. Interior office cleaning offered by the right companies made it simple to keep all aspects of the company viewed by potential renters beautiful and inviting. In fact, these companies often increased the chance of a renter applying for an apartment by as much as 30% simply by keeping a property beautiful.


Facilities management kept thousands of properties beautiful and approachable across the UK and they helped make those properties higher returns in the long run. In addition, hiring their services cost much less than most property managers and investors thought it would, often allowing them to keep budgets for such services small. No matter if the employer owned just one property or a dozen, the right facilities management services kept the process simple and the properties beautiful without breaking the budget. For this reason and many more, companies chose to outsource management needs.