The Civil War- A Golden Era Of Fashion

Old is gold and this holds true in the fashion world as well. The period mentioned here is that of the Civil War in the USA. The women of that era were famous for their impeccable taste of dresses and fashion. You often come across their dresses on period dramas telecast on TV and some of the costumes are so amazing that they complement the female personality perfectly.

Many people are not aware of the costume dresses of this period and this is why Ann DeWitt is making an effort to write them down in her blog. She says that when you are looking at the fashion of the women in those days, you will find that their dresses had sloping shoulders with low waists that were pointed in nature. The Ann DeWitt Civil War accounts also mention the ladies had layered petticoats that they use to wear underneath their gowns. The ladies also had chemises or corsets that reached till their knees. With the passage of time, the designs of the gowns and the skirts changed over the years.The skirts became flatter in the front and they became projected at the rear. The evening dresses have very low necklines and the sleeves of these dresses were short.

Assembling credible sources for fashion posts

She says that she spends time in research and ensures that all her posts are accurate before they are published on the blog. She states many people are interested in the Civil War era and this is why they look out for resources like her blog that is credible and authentic in nature. She also says that when it comes to writing about the fashion of the women during the Civil War, it is important for people to understand the nature of clothing the women during that era used to wear. She says that when you look at the women of that period, they wear clothes that are were made of different kinds of materials. The dresses worn by the different classes were not the same. The rich wore silk and cotton mostly. Those not so rich had to settle for clothes that had to be brought from second hand stores.

Entertaining and looking good at the same time

Tea was an important routine during the Civil War era and women always has an uncorseted tea gown for the occasion. They were entertaining and very popular in nature. There designs were appealing and people liked them very much. If you look at her blog, you will find pictures of these dresses and understand in a large manner on how they looked good on the wearer.

 The Ann DeWitt Civil War blog is a rich resource for many people who are looking for authentic and credible information when it comes to fashion during the Civil War period. She is taking great care and concern to collect data and bring them forward to you when it comes to bringing to the generation of today, the glorious era of fashion of the Civil War with success!

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