Spiritual centers in maintaining the Flame Of Faith And Hope

When looking for fulfillment of hope and blessing from god, one goes to church. Solutions to all problems and answers to all questions is possible, is what one witnesses when visiting the church. Distance is just the word, which blurs when disciple seeks the shelter of the Almighty. This place is open to all, believers and non-believers, men, women and children, deprived or privileged.

God is that infinite energy, omnipresent and omnipotent force who created this entire universe with all its splendor. The escalating problems, obstacles, illness are the outcomes of the sins and wrong doings of human beings. Washing away of sins, praying for forgiveness, and walking on the path of salvation is essential. However, God listens to those who attempt to communicate and have faith in him. As a creator of all beings, he listens and helps all who need him, and does through his mouthpiece. Prophets and saints are the spokesperson of God who conveys his messages to the people. He empowers these chosen men to continue on the path of religion, to influence and serve others.

These chosen ones offer services in church, or ministry. These religious places are the spiritual centers where peace, faiths, hope, love are present indefinitely. Doors to these centers are always open. SCOAN (The Synagogue Church of All Nations) is one such spiritual center where they welcome thousands of visitors, locals or foreigners.  They serve the larger role of healing people and defeating all evils from society. Located in the heart of Ikotun-Egbe, Lagos, this place is the ocean of miracles. God through his instrument prophet TB Joshua continues healing, deliverance, and blessing and presents prophecies. This healer has saved lives, cured chronic illnesses, HIV/AIDS, cancer, paralysis and many more as far the physical illness is the concern.

Since this is divine healing, this involves cleansing of one’s mind, body and soul from all negativity and evils. This cathedral of SCOAN has more than fine walls and roof; this place proves God’s infinite love for his children. This is a place where people start believing in miracles, revive faith and love for the Almighty. Thousands of people, from all across the globe, spent time and money to visit this place, attend its services and watch the prophet perform the unbelievable and marvelous healing. Simple joy and peace is what every individual will encounter here.

Ever been a part of the church? Followed the religion and the words of God? If not, then its never too late. It is the positivity, happiness, inner peace that one experiences while visiting a holy destination. In this life of hustle-bustle, stress, emotional exhaustion, depression, negativity, church is that spiritual center where all worldly matters comes to rest. It is the place where all negativity comes to end and positivity reigns. Ministry is about being in constant relationship with God.Worship for the sake of communicating with God, visit for the sake of reliving the faith, understanding and spreading his words. Praying and performing rituals is one way to decipher God’s messages.