Soka Gakkai International Chicago- Bringing People Together with Buddhism

Chicago is one of the most loved cities in the USA. People from across the globe come to the city daily for personal or professional reasons. Traveling and touring of Chicago is quite popular as it houses some of the most famous landmarks of the USA like Glessner House, Chicago Board of Trade Building and the like. However, it is also the home to Soka Gakkai International that is one of the biggest support networks to the world when it comes to the propagation of Nichiren Buddhism.

Soka Gakkai International Chicago- embracing the principle of Nicihren Buddhism

The Soka Gakkai International Chicago center brings together people that come here daily to practice the principles of The Lotus Sutra and Nichiren Buddhism. This branch of Buddhism teaches its followers that the Buddha exists in all of you and you can experience the Buddha in wisdom, courage and faith. The lives of members have improved as they can now face hindrances with renewed faith and courage.

People come here to chant and pray together. They are from different nations, culture and background. However, all of them are united when it comes to spreading the messages of love, peace and harmony to the world. The members are happy that they have joined the network as they have increased their confidence and do not allow petty things to bog them down. The principles of Nichiren Buddhism believe everyone has knowledge and wisdom within. No one is weak and everyone has the power to transform their weaknesses to strengths with awareness and eagerness!

Regular programs for members across the globe

The center hosts many programs for its members. There are monthly discussion groups that are held in the homes of their members. They share their views, experiences and stories when it comes to practice and chanting. This community also ensures that it practices Buddhism chanting twice a day once in the morning and once in the afternoon.

The center at Chicago conducts a number of events and programs so that members come together to understand the essence of Nichiren Buddhism. Here songs are sung and the members share their personal experiences. Noted speakers on the subject of Nichiren Buddhism come here on a regular basis to spread their word of knowledge to the masses. Everyone is welcome to join the community and bring peace and harmony to their lives.

The Soka Gakkai International Chicago center also focuses on the subject of global peace. There is an increase of violence and terrorism all of a sudden and it is here that communities like them need to step forward and spread the message of peace. The community has been able to spread the message of peace and harmony among its members with success. They have improved the quality of their lives and also been able to eradicate negative self-talk as well. This community is expanding in a large way and it is one of the best support networks that preaches the Lotus Sutra and the principles of Nichiren Buddhism.

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