SiteLock Offers the Best Website Security Solutions

If you are planning to build a website then consider making it a safe one. The internet has turned out to be the most used object by people across the world, as the usage has augmented so the risk of websites has also increased. Online security is important for the site owner, online business, as well as web visitor. SiteLock is a company that understands the challenges faced by the users and so it has come up with a unique solution known as business website security solutions which are known for offering complete, cloud-based website protection.

SiteLock’s impeccable features are listed below:

  • The websites stay protected from DDoS or Distributed Denial of Service attacks with triggering and auto-detection, and less than 0.01% false positives.
  • With automatic malware removal, everyday malware detection scans, and proficient backing get 360-degree protection from malware as well as identify susceptibilities.
  • Get connected with SiteLock’s dedicated safety engineers who are available 24 x 7 through chat, phone, and email.
  • Avail the benefit of using a reliable and prompt consumer experience by improving Search Engine Optimization or SEO and by reducing server use and bandwidth with SiteLock’s CDN or Global Content Delivery Network.
  • Keep the websites secured from automatic and human targeted attacks, block backdoor access, prevent scrapers and sort out bot traffic.

Before, choosing SiteLock’s website security solutions, one can go through Sitelock Reviews in order to get an idea about the services. SiteLock’s main aim is to provide the customers with the best quality services at affordable costs. In fact, the company is regarded as the number one leader in the website security and it protects more than eight million websites. SiteLock serves industries such as:

  • Ecommerce Industry
  • Legal Service Industry
  • Financial Service Industry
  • Web designers and developers

Listed below are the products that are offered by SiteLock:

  • Secure Malware Alert and Removal Tool
  • TrueCode Static Application Security Testing (SAST)
  • SiteLock INFINITY
  • DDoS Protection
  • TrueShield Web application firewall (WAF)
  • TrueSpeed CDN
  • PCI Compliance

Website security is a key concern of website owners across the world. Despite of which framework you are using, you should still be able to maintain the web application and server to prevent interruptions. Hackers can attack your website to get access to sensitive data and use the server for sending abused mails and hosting malicious files. Thus, there is an increased demand of website security solutions.

After going through Sitelock Reviews if you are satisfied with the services that SiteLock provide; then you can get in touch with the company in order to find the most suitable plan and in order to request for a quote. The various plans offered by SiteLock include:

  • SecureStarter
  • SecureSpeed
  • SecureSite
  • SecureVIP

All these plans includes common features like web application firewall, daily malware scans, basic DDos protection, automatic malware removal, SiteLock trust seal, multilingual dashboard and advanced website acceleration.

Thus, it can be concluded by stating that in order to avail the best website security solutions contact SiteLock today.