Show Compassion & the Determination to Help Others

Helping others is always considered as a moral act. Today there are many charitable organizations all around the world who encourages people to donate as they usually fight for a certain cause. Donating to a charity is a great thing to do for several causes, most significantly since it is assisting out others in need. By making the decision to donate to a charity you are making a great decision. If you have ever been offered assistance without being requested for, or if you have ever been in a place of being capable to help others who is going through the difficult times, you will know that these things are done out of the loyalty and respect. These altruistic acts are exactly what make human nature really exceptional.

In spite of being an eminent international entrepreneur, Mr. Anura Perera Dubai , stays extremely proactive in the community. Actually, he is a passionate supporter of community service. He is related with various benevolent and altruistic organizations such as the George Phylnormel Foundation and The Triple Gem Society. He has backed many charitable enterprises organized by these institutions. Additionally, as a fanatical benevolent, he helps in raising funds in order to perform respite procedures in disaster-stricken societies, to arrange for wheelchairs for the people with disabilities, and to generate chances to ease the living conditions of the poverty-afflicted individuals. Furthermore, he supports many humanitarian undertakings and events to endorse life and prospect for the deprived people. Mr. Perera also supports a great number of philanthropic causes that address infrastructural destruction caused by natural disasters.

In the professional front, Anura Perera is the member of The American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), a group that targets to be the essential resource for mechanical engineers and other technical specialists all through the world for purposes that benefit humanity. In addition, he is also a member of IIE or the Institution of Incorporated Engineers, IET or the Institution of Engineers and Technicians as well as ASEE or the Association of Supervisory and Executive Engineers. A native of Sri Lanka, Anura after completing his education in mechanical engineering went to Zambia to pursue a career in Caterpillar Inc. After working there as a Salesman and Maintenance Engineer; he wanted to achieve his dreams of becoming an entrepreneur. Headquartered in Singapore, Raycom Aerospace, he started working as the chairman of the company. He helped the company to expand in various areas and to reach a large number of customer base.

At present Anura Perera Dubai distributes his time between Raycom Aerospace Pte Ltd., and the philanthropic accomplishments of the George Phylnormel Foundation. He motivated people to donate to the charities that take part in numerous societies around the world and the country. Anura says that by donating in charities, the world can become a much improved place to reside in.

Thus, it can be concluded by stating that one should show compassion and the determination to help others as this is the true essence of the mankind.