Saree-The Most Sensuous Indian Attire!

The inception of saree like outfits can be dated back to the Indus Valley Civilisation. Several archaeological pieces of evidence such as sculptures, religious texts, painting, plays, and poetry indicate it to be thousand years old. The assortment of numerous colours,weaves,patterns,dress material and draping styles is what deems this ethnic dress as sensual. Petticoat(also called underskirt) and a blouse are two essential elements of a saree. Half of the fabric is tucked and wrapped around the petticoat, and only 1\4 of it is draped around shoulder resulting into a pallu. With bare midriff and visible collar bones, sarees have the potential to flaunt your curves in the most sophisticated manner.

Types of Indian sarees:-

India is a diverse nation, and so are the sarees of India! Here is the list of various sorts of sarees from various states of India.

  1. Banarasi sarees:-

Banarasi sareesare made in a city called Varanasi in northern India, which is otherwise called Banaras. They are exceptionally esteemed for their complex gold and silver work on sarees and mesmerizing designs. Having a lot of Zari work in them, they are hefty to wear. Banarasi sarees are a flawless amalgamation of Indian and Persian designs. Almost every Indian woman craves to wear this saree atleastonce in her lifetime. These are normally worn amid weddings, celebrations and other such merriments in the light of the fact that such sarees convey a ton of aura and the event to wear them ought to be vital too.

  1. Kota Doria Sarees:-

Kota Doria Sarees boasts of the Rajasthani culture and has its origin from the small towns in and around Kota. With the virtue of being light-weight, they are perfect for summers and wrap around you smoothly. The weaves have distinctive yarn gauges making a checker charts called ‘Khats.’ Other than acotton variant, you can also encounter these sarees in silk.

  1. Konrad sarees:-

Konrad saree is one of South India’s most outstanding sarees. This kind of saree from Tamil Nadu has earned acclaim of its tradition and utilization of amazing fabrics. The Konrad sarees are otherwise called ‘temple sarees’ or ‘mubbhagamsarees’. These sarees were originally meant to be draped on the idols of gods and goddesses in the temple. The themes and patterns of the sarees typically depict flora and fauna. The deep meaning behind the usage of motifs such as peacock and elephants is that they indicate water and fertility. Konrad sarees are usually found in gritty shades of tans, off-whites, and greys.

  1. Kanjeevaram sarees:-

Kanjeevaram is the customarily woven silk from the town called Kanchipuram in Tamil Nadu,India. Throughout the recent years, Kanchipuram sarees have commanded the universe of South Indian sarees. These sarees are famous around the globe for its shine and durability.

  1. Baluchari saree:-

The Baluchari saree began in West Bengal, and is worn by the ladies of India and Bangladesh. It is a hand-woven saree utilizing lavishlycoloured silk, with complex themes portraying Indian mythology woven onto its substantial ‘pallu’. The designs are predominantly from Ramayana and Mahabharata and are worn as an indication of privileged and status.

  1. Taant sarees:-

‘Taant’ signifies ‘made on the loom.’ So you can envision the excellence of this Bengali perfect work of art called Bengal cotton. Taant sarees are known for its different qualities and uniqueness in hues and appearance.

  1. Kantha Sarees:-

The name Kantha is connected with the embroidery, not the fabric used in the saree. These decorative sarees has ananimal,bird,folk and floral patterns on it. Kantha workmanship keeps the rustic ladies of West Bengal engaged, prompting great sarees demonstrating their diligent work.

  1. Bandhani sarees:-

This acclaimed saree well known in Rajasthan and Gujarat includes tie and dye procedure. Additionally, called ‘Bandhej,’ it includes culling the fabric with the fingernails into a few modest ties that end up giving it a figurative design. A Bandhani saree is known for its extraordinary and brilliant look which makes it able for the summer.