Safe Food is Healthy Food

Food is an essential ingredient for our survival, and in order to survive properly we need to eat healthy and clean food. Cooking food is something that most people can do, but what the majority of us forget to do is keep the food safe from all sorts of contamination and germs, in short, how to keep it healthy. It is not just enough to buy expensive and good quality ingredients to cook a balanced diet food, storing it correctly, plays an equally important role in the maintenance of one’s health.

The food enthusiasts like Naman Wakil believe strongly in the old saying, ‘food cooked with passion and served with love tastes divine’. Any food can taste good only when the blend of the spices and ingredients are in the right proportion. Natural ingredients are the secret to a successful recipe for any kind of cuisine, but another very important aspect for being able to serve the best kind of food is maintaining its hygiene.

The contamination of food can occur at any stage of its preparation; it is therefore that precaution should be taken at all times to maintain the hygiene standards of food that is to be served. Certain preventive measures if taken can guarantee you healthy and hygienic food. The basic rules while handling food are: clean, separate, cook and chill.

Handling food at any stage requires the person concerned to maintain high standards of hygiene him/herself. Washing of hands is absolutely mandatory in the process, along with keeping the surface where food is kept, clean at all times. The fruits or vegetables that are about to be cooked must be cleaned thoroughly as well. It is very crucial to remember that germs are very easily transferred from both hands and one ingredient to the other. Therefore the sanitization of hands and all surfaces must be done, prior to carrying out the cooking process.

Cross contamination is a very common thing with food. It is hence that cooked and raw food should be kept separate, so that the chances of the same are considerably reduced. Store food in proper and separate containers. Poultry and fish should be stored preferably in a separate area of the refrigerator where its possibility of contaminating other food is the least.

Any foodie loves clean and hygienic food, and so does Naman Wakil , a certified foodie from Los Angeles. He is equally in love with food as much as he loves soccer and Lionel Messi. He plans to open a Mediterranean inspired restaurant very soon and is keen on maintaining the proper standards of hygiene there.

Cooking the food in appropriate situations and at the right temperatures is quite an important factor in maintaining the healthy facets of food. In fact, to check the perfect temperature while cooking food, thermometers are available, so that the cook does not fail in hanging onto the correct temperature.

Finally, the storage of food that is cooked needs to be taken good care of so as to be able to devour high quality savoury food. No matter what you cook, once it is cooked and if it has to be consumed later, the best thing to do promptly is to let it cool down and then refrigerate it immediately. At the end of the day, no one can deny – safe food is healthy food.