Sadigh Gallery- Facts You Should Know Before Buying An Ancient Artifact

There are many people and companies that are interested in ancient artifacts and objects. They like to buy them for professional or personal reasons. However, when you are buying an ancient artifact, it is very important for you to know whether it is authentic or not.  The object might seem genuine but is fake and on the other hand, the item might seem fake but it is genuine in origins. You need the expert advice and guidance of a museum curator or scientist to help you when you are buying ancient artifacts for professional or personal reasons.

Sadigh Gallery- Tips to buy ancient artifacts

  1. Test the object- It is very important for you to ensure that the object you are buying is tested by objects. This means you will get an idea on its origins and whether it is authentic or not. Testing the object might cost you some time and money but it will obviously save you from buying a fake say the experts here at Sadigh Gallery.
  2. Check the mandate of copy regulations– Most nations in the world have a mandate that is a declaration by sellers that the object is a replica of an original item. Check to see whether there is such a mandate in the nation where the transaction is taking place. Israel is one such nation that has laws when it comes to seller mandates for declaring that the item they are selling is a copy or an imitation of the original item.
  3. Check whether it is legal- It is important for you to ensure that the object you are bringing back home is legal. There are about 128 nations that abide to the UNESCO’s convention on cultural property. They have terms and conditions relating to the buying and acquisition of cultural property. This convention has the major goal to stop the import and the export of ancient artifacts and objects.
  4. The trade should not trigger international feuds or conflict- Archaeologists says that there are some places where transactions of ancient artifacts might trigger off international conflicts. For example, Syria and Egypt are places where terrorist groups that are radical in nature prevent the selling and buying of old ancient artifacts.
  5. Looting- The object you are about to buy should not be procured from the looting of any archaeological or historical site. Always remember artifacts that are genuine have their specimens documented. The archaeologists will record all the data that is related to the object or objects that are found on a site.

These are just some of the tips that you need to take into consideration when you are about to buy ancient artifacts. The experts of Sadigh Gallery say that old objects or items should be placed in a museum. There are many people that donate their items to museums and galleries and they enjoy tax benefits for doing so. The USA is one of the biggest art markets in the world followed by China and The United Kingdom, the experts here say!