Power Plant Manufacturing, the Manufacturing Value Chain

It can’t be denied that using geothermal energy is becoming an increasingly popular concept. There is a lot going on in the field, from the increase in the number of financed researches to the still growing number of installations of geothermal power plants themselves. The continuing develop and rising interest in geothermal has brought to the application of new technologies in the field that allowed a flourishing manufacturing value chain. Here is a brief definition of the term, as well as a quick answer to the question itself.

The concept of a manufacturing value chain was made up and popularized in 1985 by the author of the bestselling Competitive Advantage, a man by the name of Michael Porter. It is a term that encompassed the entire industrial process, from the acquisition of resources to the consumption of the product by the customer. It has been developed to describe the way a firm manages to deliver a quality product or service to its customers. This is why it is so important when it comes to determining whether a new product or service will make its way into the market.

The number of geothermal power plants that have already been installed is rapidly growing. There is a total of 14 dry steam, 58 flash cycle and 118 binary cycle power plants around the world installed in the 10 years ending on December 2015. The list of countries that have them includes not only the United States, Italy, Germany, Russia and Australia, but Mexico, Nicaragua and Kenya as well.

Italy and the United States, preceded by Japan, are also the first countries in the world for turbines production (which are used to produce energy from geothermal installations) and, consequently, they dominate the dry steam and flash cycle manufacturing technologies.

When it comes to binary cycle  turbine manufacturing, the first place is occupied by Israel, with Italy and the United States right behind it.

CEMAC has already done a study on the future of geothermal power plants and their manufacturing value chain. When all the projects and the forecasts for changes in the energy market are taken into consideration, it seems that the demand for geothermal energy solutions will only become higher. Countries from all over the world will want to try geothermal turbines, which means that this is probably a field that will expand beyond our wildest expectations.