Necessary Training Program for Surfing to Maintain the Safety Within

The sports Surfing has a long drawn history in the field of adventure, but apart from it, the most astonishing fact about the game is how easily a particular culture has adopted the game. Not only that, even the game has evolved over the years keeping in tandem with the changes that has gone through in the culture as well. More and more people have accepted it as a mode of entertainment, and the growing popularity has compelled the Olympic Games to include it as one its events as well.

While assessing the craze that the game has achieved, one will find how the young generation has taken active participation in the game. All the states that are located near the shore finds enthusiasts like Anouk Govil who find it one of the best stress buster amidst the packed schedule that they have in life. All you need is a surf board and the zeal to ride the storming waves to win over the spirit of a thrilling life. But one must prepare himself or herself in order to maintain the safety and enjoy surfing at its fullest.

The first of all mistakes that both the professional and amateurs make is listening to the trainers at gym who focus on building your own body and strengthening exercise than what a professional surfing coach does. One might feel free to join the gym, but the routine that he follows must be focused on developing the strength and power with surf specific exercises. What the game demands is fast, and dynamic movements performed consistently on the huge waves that keep coming across. Those who swim professionally have a better idea of the muscles that come into use, and the use of these muscles is same in surfing as well.

The second mistake that most surfers do and experts believe it to be the primary reason of most of the accidents is the use of machines rather than the body weight of the surfers during the training session. The body of a human being is a masterpiece, and there are minor muscles surrounding the joint capsules which help in stabilizing and assisting the bulk muscles. Experts have always preferred the surfers to train and strengthen these particular muscles so that the challenges that most of the nerve ends could face during surfing can be easily mitigated and the balance is never lost.

Since the co-ordination of the entire body is required during surfing, the body weight must be used in the training sessions to gain the flexibility needed during the sport. Some of the most common exercises that the professional surf coaches prefer in their training programs are the press ups, yoga, core work, Pilates, skipping, wobble boards and chin up- since they involve the entire body and help it move in all the planes of motion.

Anouk Govil says that there’s no doubt about the fun that the sport gives, but what a surfer must maintain is the basic safety and training program that will not go the game for a waste. Since one indulges in playing with the ocean, one single step out of the track will lead to the greatest disaster in life.