More than a financial entity

More than a financial institution, we are a company that is open to many negotiations, as it is inevitable for many of our clients who wish to have liquidity, to not be able to do so. Get a liquidity both by traditional ways, such as through innovative tools is something very important for both parties.

All this means that we can be more effective and give us more opportunities to make brief notes on other negotiations that are taking place in other financial institutions credit card. We know that at present we have become a company that has left on the one hand everything that has to do with the ancient orthodox methods and now we can create an environment where the negotiations have become much more flexible.

Many other lenders have asked us how we measure FNBNorcal in the levels of the operation? The only thing that we can respond to this, is that we have been required to take into account that there are many other banks that are more conservative in comparison to our organization and to measure these operating levels we use three basic concepts:

  1. The capacity of the customer’s solvency:

The higher the mounting that the customer has in his power, such as: the heritage-money, real estate, shares or other rights that it possesses, the more easily it could be converted into money, thus obtaining greater guarantees both for the customer, as our bank.

  1. The repayment capacity:

Always do a very detailed study to see if there is a possibility that the applicant for the loan you can cope with periodic installments of depreciation and in addition cope with variability in the medium and long term.

  1. Operation of the company and its management capacity:

Once we analyze these factors, such as: the operation of the company and its management capacity of our bank to make a decision that is going, whether or not to authorise the operation. If a customer has only capacity of solvency and does not have sufficient liquidity to meet the payments of monthly installments of the loan, we proceed to take other measures where negotiation is the best option.

Because we as a financial institution not we want our customers to be removed from our company and here is where we come to help you and seek to accommodate the two parties so that we can reach our goals, which are win-win. In the business world, many things will be present that we are going to prevent work, but it is in us to look for ways to overcome obstacles.