Meredith Iler Gives the Essential Tips on how to Decide Where to Donate

You may be confused as to which veterans charity you must support. In the older days donating money for the veterans used to be pretty easy but, with each day passing it is becoming really difficult to keep a track on whether the money is actually reaching the right people or not. Thus you are required to know a few details that Meredith Iler , Founder Chairman of the WHHP i.e. the wounded Hero Home Programme (houston), will preach. One thing is clear; you decide to donate for a cause only when you believe in the same. By donating to the veterans, you help them with education, employment, health & wellness from a financial point of view. The donation is basically to assist the veterans in the varied challenging areas of their lives when they return home from their service.

What you are missing out on!

Day by day giving donations to charitable institution is becoming more of a risk. The risk factor is quite prevalent across the board and it goes the same for veteran charities. Extensive marketing campaigns, conferences, wasteful administrative procedures, staff perks are some of the non-program items that the charitable organizations are spending money on. This is coming in the way of people who are genuine wanting to help veterans out in their way.

Meredith Iler says that you are required to have information about the different programs of the charitable organization, how they behave and spend the money and ultimately match it with your giving goals. Here are some things you must know prior to donating for veterans:

The big shots appearing on TV aren’t always trustworthy!

Just think- where do these charitable organizations gather funds for such extensive television commercial? It is the money that you donate. Thus, before you are absolutely certain that you want to donate your hard earned money to the big budget charities; you must run a thorough scrutiny on them. As a matter of fact, in the role of allocating the money to the vets in place of organizing complex marketing campaigns, many small budget charities do a lot better.

Do you get those big glossy mailers requesting you to donate some amount in support of the veterans? Don’t fall into the trap because just like those marketing campaigns these direct mails are also pretty expensive and the expense comes from the charity amounts.

Follow the National Rating System to choose the right organization

The national rating systems give the general public the access to the tax documents of the list of charitable organization in which you may be thinking of donating your money for the cause of supporting the home-returned veterans.

Not all wounded soldiers get the attention of the charitable organizations

There are wounds that are visible and leave an unforgettable impact like that of a soldier who has lost limbs. But, what about the ones that are invisible? One among the invisible wounds is PTSD i.e. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and the other being Traumatic Brain injury. At times these soldiers are not even aware that they suffer from these invisible ailments. It is sad that the wounds that are more visible to the public gets the maximum chunk of attention.