Marrison Family Law- Shared Parenting Agreements Help Children Post Divorce

Divorce can be really hard and bitter for a child. However, reality is that when the couple do not wish to stay with each other anymore after marriage, they head for a court of law to dissolve their marital bond. This makes children angry and depressed. They want their parents to stay together. The effects of divorce can be mentally and emotionally devastating for children and this is why the courts of law recommend shared parenting agreements in child custody cases especially if the child is very young and unable to accept the fact that his or her parents are no longer together!

Marrison Family Law- how joint parenting agreements can help the child?

When it comes to very small children, the professional lawyers at Marrison Family Law , an esteemed family law firm in Colorado Springs say that both parents are needed in their upbringing and care. This is why it is important for parents to mutually agree to shared parenting agreements provided they live in close proximity to one another. Young children need both parents to grow up and it will be easy for them to handle the stress of their parents divorcing and living separately from one another permanently.

However, they say that in the USA, there are specific guidelines for 50 states when it comes to child support and custody. There are states like Kentucky and Missouri where legislation have been passed when it comes to child custody and shared parental agreements. This is an inspiring example for other states that are now following their footsteps and are on the verge of passing the same legislation.

Older children can also benefit from shared parenting agreements

When it comes to shared parenting agreements, experts say that even older children can benefit from the above. It is very important for both the parents to be actively involved in their child’s life. Joint parental custody helps them to be present. This reduces the emotional pain and hurt that children face and feel when both their parents’ divorce.

When it comes to terms and the conditions of the shared parental agreements, both parents must be willing and ready to share and take responsibility. It is crucial for them to be there for the emotional and physical well-being of their child. Of course, if both the parents live in different states, obtaining such a custody might not be feasible for them.

The professional lawyers here at Marrison Family Law say when it comes to child support and child custody, it is very important for you to be aware of the laws of your state. In case, you have any doubts and confusion, you should always consult lawyers that are experts in divorce and family law to guide you. Your child is the worst affected in your divorce and so it is your duty and responsibility as a parent to ensure that the separation is peaceful and does not involve any ugly conflicts to mentally or physically traumatize your child who is no one but a silent spectator to your divorce.