Looking for the best criminal defense lawyer in Ottawa? Here’s how to find one

Are you looking for an excellent criminal defense lawyer in Ottawa? Do you need to defend yourself or a loved one from being prosecuted in a criminal activity in Ottawa? A criminal defense lawyer is also called a defense attorney, is responsible for the defense of his client who is charged of performing a criminal act.

Finding the right criminal defense lawyer is the most important decision you need to make to save yourself from prosecution. Those who are fortunate enough to afford a private lawyer should do a thorough research of the reputation and past record of a lawyer before hiring him for defense in criminal case.

Role of a Criminal Lawyer

A highly qualified and well experienced criminal defense lawyers in Ottawa with successful track record can defend you in criminal cases related to assault, drinking and driving offences, fraud, white collar crimes, obstructing police, sexual assault, theft and shop lifting, homicide, weapons offences etc to name a few. You may be innocent in the case charged against you and would like to defend yourself against the criminal justice system.

To save yourself from being sent to jail for criminal activity your need an Ottawa criminal defense lawyer who has the right mix of high qualifications, experience in defending criminal cases and an exemplary track record of winning cases and saving his clients from prosecution and jail sentence.


DUI (Driving under Influence): A Common criminal offence

One of the most common and repeat case of criminal activity is drunk driving or driving under the influence of alcohol (DUI). It can be done by a normal civilian with no criminal connection. Accidents do occur when people after having a drink return to their homes and meet a minor or major accident. A specialized dui lawyer in Ottawa can defend you in such a case especially if you are a repeat offender.

How can an experienced Criminal lawyer save you in a criminal Case

An experienced Ottawa criminal lawyer is the one who has handled several criminal cases successfully and has saved his clients from jail term. The benefits of hiring an experienced dui lawyer are – familiarity with the Ottawa court system, knowledge of plea bargain details and the ability to navigate through complex administrative procedures.

Finding a qualified and experienced criminal defense lawyer in Ottawa

You need to critically examine the past track record of Ottawa criminal lawyer and see his success record from the past cases. A small internet research into the website of the lawyer can be highly beneficial in judging the experience and chances of him to protect you in this grim situation.

Finding the right lawyer at the critical point when you are charged with a criminal activity can change the course of your life. The experience and knowledge of the Ottawa criminal defense lawyer will help you navigate through the defense justice system, save you from unjust prosecution and would help you to get justice at the right cost.