Know how to Write a Medical Research Abstract Effectively

The purpose of a medical abstract is to offer a brief and beneficial summary of a lengthier medical article or research. A perfect abstract notifies readers concisely of the investigation and thoughts that are presented in the entire article. Before scripting the abstract, make sure you understand the research you are summarizing. Describe the background to your research, your outlooks or theories, the methods you used, and the consequences of your medical investigation.

Vijaya Boggala writes about medical abstracts and has contributed to the article ‘A mortal case of moonshine’ that has been published in the year 2011. Vijaya writes abstracts only for medical publications and has been doing it for several years now. He added that the primary purpose of an abstract is to authorize a fast assess of the applicability, significance and legitimacy of a research paper.

Listed below are some of the tips provided by Mr. Boggala for those who want to write medical abstracts:

  • Read other medical abstracts and focus on length, tone, and structure of other medical abstracts, particularly ones linked to research in your field.
  • Normally, based on research you will write an abstract that you managed either on your own or as part of a team. Ensure that you have the right skill and you are at ease with the larger project or paper that the medical abstract is synopsizing.
  • You should have the sound knowledge about the rules and regulation as every medical journal has particular strategies for publication about article abstracts. Follow the direction as provided such as word count.
  • Make a plan so that you can complete the abstract within the given time frame. It may look easier to write shorter abstracts but actually it is more difficult since stuffing meaningful text about a big medical study or research project into a restricted space can be difficult.
  • Write short, crisp and meaningful sentences and ensure to improve changeovers between the sentences.
  • Do not use passive voice; instead use active voice and third person singular.
  • The most important thing in an abstract is not to provide any new information, opinions and views.
  • Include the following things in the abstract:
  1. the core subject or research question and evaluation of the pertinent texts
  2. Problem statement, objectives, approach, research methodology adopted etc.
  3. Chief findings, projected answers to the problem and conversation
  4. Conclusions and implications and consequences

Vijaya says that an abstract should offer answers for the below mentioned questions

  • How you did it
  • What you found
  • What and why

Once the abstract is completed check for innovation, clinical importance, scientific merit, and whether it is suitable for the medical staff professionals or not.

All these tips would help you to write a medical research abstract in the most effective way.

Vijaya Prakash Boggala , when not working, loves to take part in various creative activities such as photography, DIY projects, and painting. He also loves to watch live sports. As of now, he stays in Greensboro, North Carolina, and has a four-year-old son.

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