Jeffery Glassman MA – An Attorney Who Loves Mother Nature

Everyone loves nature especially the city dwellers who always long to spend some relaxing time amidst natural beauty, but alas, trees are scarce in a city, and such moments of relaxation are also rare. Today, many professionals are working hard to create awareness among people to protect their trees and some even plant saplings whenever they have some spare time out of their busy schedules. Jeffrey Glassman MA is also one such professional who is an attorney in Boston, Massachusetts with a deep love for Mother Nature. However, he is not just a successfully attorney who has to manage his clients only. He is running a  successful law firm in Boston with his more than two decades of experience of helping injury victims and their families to get justice and thus, quite a large team of accomplished attorneys to manage.

Founded Rainforest To Make The World Green

Jeffery believes that it is essential to develop green habits to stop the increasing the environmental degradation across the world. He believes that since rainforests contribute in a big way in regulating the atmospheric temperature and saves the earth from extreme temperatures, it is essential to start growing rainforests. He was environmentally conscious since the very beginning. It is for this reason that in spite of earning a finance and law degree in a busy city, he never lost hope to grow rainforests one day. Consequently, one day he founded the organization Rainforest Maker with a belief to reach out to people who have the same vision to grow back the lost rainforests. The mission was to make the world a little bit greener. Currently, his organization is growing rainforests near the southwestern part of Costa Rica i.e. the Osa Peninsula. Jeffery has also planned to acquire a piece of land near the Amazon rain forest to grow the degrading forests back with the help of native people of the forest.

A strange connection to Costa Rica

Costa Rica is far away from Boston, the place where Jeffrey Glassman MA has its law firm, but it was his chance visit to Costa Rica in 2004 where the idea to found an organization to bring back the lost beauty of  the place triggered in his mind. The natural beauty of Costa Rica enthralls Jeffery immensely. However, soon he spots the completely destroyed rainforests in a vast tract of land, and this made realize an urgent need to act fast to make the forests alive again! Soon he urges other like-minded people to join him and form a team to carry out a large number of projects. Some of these projects carried out internationally are in the following countries

  • Brazil
  • India
  • Columbia

Thus, Jeffery Glassman has set an exemplary example for those living in the city who gives excuses of being too busy because of work commitments. He is not only actively working for the noble cause of giving back to the Mother Nature but is also urging others by his organization.