Introduction On Business Phone Systems

Business phone systems are seen in business environments and play a major role in making the work systematic.  The installation of the business telephone system is different from the various telephones with multiple lines in the central office. These multiple lines in the central office can be directly controlled by the key telephone or the business telephone system. The key phone system also has an additional feature of handling the calls on different phones in the central office. If we classify the business telephone systems, there are two categories namely, private branch exchanges and key telephone systems. The basic difference between the key telephone systems and the private branch exchange(PBX) is that the PBX does not require an attendant or an operator to be on the switchboard to connect the stations and office trunks. While in the key telephone system the user, the station can control the connections with the help of line buttons being indicated with the lamps built in. Apart from these, there are also some hybrid systems.

The Hybrid Key Telephone Systems

Business phone systems in the 21st century, are now mostly used as the hybrid key telephone systems. These phone systems have blurred the difference between the private branch exchange systems and the key telephone systems. These modern hybrid systems support analog handsets, SIP, ISDN and the features which were found only on bigger PBX systems. They can support both digital and analog signals, and also the PBX functioning. In a hybrid system, you will find call signaling buttons. These are designated by individual lines. These also support a direct dialing feature to outside lines or extensions. For this, there is no need for selecting any line appearance. The modern key systems used nowadays are completely digital. The analog variants also persist and some of the systems also use the VOIP services. If we have to differentiate between the hybrid key systems and the PBX systems the basic points of distinction are the price, complex features, the scope and the facilities that are offered by the two. The maximum usage of the hybrid systems is in the financial service industry. With these advanced hybrid systems, the only requirement is of the PBXs attached to it. This helps in using voicemail and back-office staff interaction. The hybrid systems have turrets or the front end units which are known for their presentation of the hoot-n-holler circuits. With the help of multiple hoots, multiple users can be presented on multiplexed speakers connecting to multiple locations.

Features Of Business Phone Systems For Businesses

  1. Find Me Follow Me Feature for forwarding the calls to any device
  2. Read your voicemail instead of listening to it at the slow pace of voicemail
  3. The easy expansion allows you to add new extensions
  4. The monitor, whisper, barge, and record feature allows you to have total control over active calls

These features can be very helpful in enhancing your business growth, making the work systematic and completely aligned.