Introducing the Global Macro-Tactical Asset Management Group

Backed by more than 30 years of experience in business and portfolio management industry Chuck Whitman initiated his immense enterprise Whitman Asset Management in early 2013. Based in Great Chicago WAM is distinctly a Global Macro-Tactical Asset Management group that specializes on providing avant-garde investment solutions to its client companies with an overall aim to help achieve risk-adjusted returns. The leading asset management firm has been registered with CFTC, Chicago. These days, Mr. Whitman is positioned as the Chief Executive at WAM and shoulders a series of responsibilities of being the key portfolio manager, WAM from market study, trading to all its developmental activities. He aims to raise his group as nation’s No.1 asset management company in the approaching years.

In his role, Chuck Whitman is always on the go to spend long hours and works in combination with his core team of top notch analysts, economists and researchers to identify most potential funding areas in the industry. When it comes to the ever flourishing asset management industry, this challenging approach of Chuck is of no surprise to widespread corporate and individual investors. He is the personality who made Infinium Capital Management, also acknowledged as ICM, as one of the top yield producing Capital Management Companies in Chicago. Undoubtedly, so long it links to asset management business; Chuck is acknowledged as an immense pathfinder, educator and most successful administrator not only in WAM but in the industry as a whole.

Prior to initializing WAM, he co-founded the Chicagoan wealth management company INFINUM Capital Management. With his untiring efforts, vision power and insightful steps, he hoisted ICM to a $200 million group in 2008 just from Zero level. The 7 people company bloomed as a 250+ workforce business enterprise while its mean revenue earning rose to $126 million per year during the last five years Chuck was associated with INFINUM as its CEO. With a long listed satisfied investors list, as the Group earned great customers confidence and recognition, over and over again ICM was documented as one of most dependable companies in Chicago to deal with. The Crain’s Business Group Chicago reported INFINUM as Chicago’s ranking #4 Capital Management Group in 2009.

With a career aim to find him in the position of a most thriving investment manager, the DePaul University Graduate Chuck Whitman founded ICM in 2001 in partnership and worked for the company as its CEO. He made INFINIUM a brand name in Wealth Management Industry and before leaving the group he became the Chairman of ICM. Mr.Whitman has been a much distinguished name as a leading land and agriculture advisor at the Chicago Board of Trade. He is an entrepreneur who not only spent long period of time in research but invested millions of dollars out of his earnings in order to understand the uniqueness of Macroeconomic based business approach in investment field for its extra protection.

Needless to say, based on this business philosophy he has initiated Whitman Asset Management Company for potential investors in Chicago and neighboring states. Chuck has immense understanding on Investment related technical analysis, Hedge funds, Capital Markets and Portfolio Management.