Importance Of Listening Skills In The Hotel Industry

Patrick Imbardelli is no stranger to the hotel industry in the USA today. Thanks to him and his effective leadership skills, The Pan Pacific Hotels Group is one of the top leading luxury hotel chains across the globe today. He is a positive role model and one of the most influential leaders in the hospitality industry today.

Hospitality management- importance of listening

Patrick says that it is important for you to develop the skills of attentive listening when you are in the hospitality and hotel industry. In fact, this is one of the most important requirements for any kind of job in this sector. The hotel industry is based on the quality of kindness. Here, you are kind to strangers and this creates an ever-lasting relationship. If you are keen to be a part and parcel of the hotel and hospitality industry, it is important for you to develop the skills of attentive listening as this will help you to become successful and a favorite with your customers and be responsive to their immediate needs.

Patrick Imbardelli says that if you wish to join the hospitality industry, it is important for you to identify the needs of your guests and customers first. He says that a good listener has the ability to separate the crucial information from the rest of what is being said. That information is later used to improve the quality of service to the customer. This also acts as a motivational tool to establish rock solid relationships in the hospitality industry.

Tips for better customer service and support

Patrick says that the following can help reach your hospitality goals if you wish to join the hotel and hospitality industry-

  • It is important for you to be attentive as this will help you remember all the hospitality goals that you have in mind’
  • Keep your guests happy with ongoing service and hospitality
  • Give creative solutions to potential problems
  • Develop innovative ways to stay and remain competitive
  • Be responsive to the needs of the customer all the time
  • Uphold and maintain a work environment that drives creativity and job satisfaction if you are a hospitality manager
  • Motivate and drive morale of your subordinates

The above are some of the salient tips that Patrick Imbardelli gives to his staff and subordinates. He says that these tips will make them successful in the hotel industry.

Become a leader in the hotel industry…

He also says that job aspirants in the hotel and hospitality industry should ensure that they have good interpersonal skills. The industry is a people’s industry and managing people can be tough if you do not like them. It is important for you to be open and receptive round-the-clock. You should always have a helpful attitude and positive approach to your work no matter how demanding your day may be. With the right training, devotion to service and of course attentive listening skills, you are able to become a successful hospitality manager in the hotel industry!