How Jim Byrne Thinks Latest Advancements Helps Better Weather Forecasting?

How often have you seen the lull before the storm, and the eerie silence once again the thunderstorm has done with its destruction! When tornadoes and hurricanes hit the lands at the speed of 200 miles per hour, houses and buildings tear apart and blow away like a mere pack of cards. Multiple lives are lost, and thousands of communities are destroyed in no time. Where is the precautionary measure taken? How is it even possible when people are completely unaware of what is going to hit them in no time?

Jim Byrne , who has been studying meteorological science for years, now finds that weather broadcasting is a smart event that Science has gifted human beings, and over the years the process has only got better. From the days when men predicted weather conditions just by gazing at the sky, people now look at computer machines and radars where all the upcoming possibilities are completely charted out. Even the administrative bodies have extended their helping hands in developing and supporting the radars, satellites, and supercomputers which enhances the warning period of the upcoming natural calamities. If things progress at the same pace, there will be a time in the next one and a half decade, when people will get at least few hours of time to gather themselves before hurricanes and tornadoes strike them.

Realizing the Power of Radar- Jim Byrne Never Fails to Mention It

The meteorologists, who have been working day in and out giving the best of their efforts, have indeed headed towards improving the radar, which plays a major role in forecasting weather conditions in the true sense. The radars generally work sending radio signals out which goes in the formation of wave and hit certain particles in the atmosphere. Definitely, there’s a pace at which these waves go and hit the particles, and depending on this speed they have a repercussion as well. The entire round trip of these waves is being measured to have an estimate of the location and the intensity with which the rain, hail, the storm is approaching.

The innovation process is never at a halt, and the Doppler radar that is being recently used by the meteorologists is even capable of measuring the change in frequency of the returning waves. This actually makes the entire process of measuring the distance and speed of the precipitated particles in the atmosphere with more precision. Generally, the tornadoes are formed with the rotation of winds and particles present in the atmosphere, and as more and more particles accumulate, it only gets stronger. The information that is being received from the Doppler radar allows the meteorologists to have a clear forecast of the speed of rotation of particles.

Jim Byrne rightly points out that no one has any hand on nature and the activities that take place in it. But what man can do is start preparing to face it and prevent maximum destruction. Correct information and enough time are what they need, and accurate weather broadcasting is quintessentially needed for it.