How do banks protect us from crime

The crimes that include stealing money from your account is not something new. They exist for many years and is hard to make them stop. People perform this type of crime for many reasons and most of them form a group and they operate in different cities and steal money from innocent people. They try to get the data of the victim and use the internet to access their credit card and from there transfer the money to another card they have an access to.Visit

So what thieves do is they take all the money and they leave the country so that no one could ever find them. When these things happen the bank offers to cover all the expenses to the person, but that is not the point. If someone tried to rob you they will do it again in the future. Which is why it is important to protect your personal information and not share it with anyone. Other than that everyone should take some measures and be more careful when they use computers to log in to their account. Make sure that there are no people around you and you use private browsing. This information is confidential and personal.

Banks aim to your use the internet and mobile banking is as safe as possible. Your personal information and privacy protection is safe by using the latest technology.

For the purpose of security your bank takes multiple measures of protection:

Security technologies. Banks protect online transactions and mobile banking. They use standard security technology and practices to the rest of your accounts and are protected from unauthorized access and implementation of unauthorized transactions.

Secure login. Banks use data for customer identification and authorization of transactions so that you can be sure that they are dealing precisely with you. Your Internet banking is accessible via the Internet only after you prove your identity by entering proper safety data.

Automatic check-out. After some time of inactivity,the applications of the banks will automatically log you out, in case you’ve forgotten to do it yourself or you leave your computer unattended. However, banks are often saying to their customers to be sure to log off after stopping the use of Internet banking and do not leave your computer unattended.

Auto power off. After several unsuccessful attempts to login, your bank will let you temporarily disable the access to Internet banking in case fraudsters are trying to guess your access data. To re-gain access to Internet banking, contact the customer service of your bank.

Creating a secure online session. When you log in to Internet Banking you get a notification of the ongoing secure sessions. You can be sure that you are safe if the URL begins with https: // in the address bar of a padlock symbol. By clicking on the padlock check whether that is a URL address of your bank.