Hereditary Angioedema: knowing about symptoms and diagnosis

Hereditary Angioedema is the occasional genetic condition, which causes swelling under the skin. Furthermore, it may occur in several parts of the body. While checking the similar symptoms of the disease, you can easily go for the proper medical clinics that provide treatment for hereditary angioedema.

What is Hereditary Angioedema?

Angioedema is a known disease that effects on human body parts such as blood, skin, cells, eyes, lips, etc. This particular disease effect on the physical state as well as it also distresses the skin. Besides, it is extremely painful, but it is not tickling. However, it is a known disease, but it can be quite dangerous if it is not treated properly. Numbers of medical clinics are there who provide an excellent treatment process to the patients. But as a matter of fact, the disease can be genetic, and that is why it’s called hereditary angioedema.

If you are born with this problem, you must consult a good doctor who can easily solve your problem. You must go for a proper treatment that helps you manage it. There have been massive improvements in treatments, and that is why the researchers always look for the new solution.


The problem along with the gene, which controls the blood protein known as C1 inhibitor causes HAE. In some cases, people have normal levels, and in maximum cases, people do not have enough of the protein. You can have this particular disease if one of your parents has it.


The first and major symptom of this disease is swelling. However, you will not have any itching. It can easily happen in several parts of the body such as feet, mouth, hand, throat, face, belly, genitals, etc. but swelling in the throat is the extremely dangerous symptom. Puffiness in your hands and feet can be extremely painful and make it stiff to go about your regular life. If you don’t have the absolute idea about this particular disease, you can also take help from several websites on the online platform.

Swelling in belly may cause:

  • Nausea
  • Diarrhea
  • Extreme pain
  • Vomiting


How can the disease be easily treated? This particular question has lots of answers. First of all having the best treatment for hereditary angioedema, you have to consult a good surgeon. The doctor will refer suitable ointments, anti-allergic medicines, and various creams. By closely monitoring the diet, you may also come to know that the diet is generally triggers the effects. Several doctors are there who use a useful medicine called C1 esterase inhibitor (Cinryze) only to prevent all the attacks. The medicine is injected into the veins. In fact, knowing all the complete process of that injection, you can give it to yourself at home.

There are several other medications treat attacks when it is under way:

  • Ruconest and The C1 esterase inhibitors Berinert are also the injections that are given into your veins.
  • Ecallantide (Kalbitor) is also injected under your skin in the doctor’s office or also at home by a skilled nurse.