Get Your Lean & Toned Body Now!

For many people reducing body fat in specific areas of their body especially the abdomen, arms and thighs can be both time- consuming and frustrating. Such stubborn body fat does not go away easily in spite of regular exercise, the quality of that exercise and how much food intake you control. Moreover, a lot also depends how old you are, your genetic composition, how your body weight is distributed and level of exposure you get from the sun. This is the reason why many of men and women opt for body contouring surgeries including liposuction, tummy tuck, arm lift, thigh lift and other similar body sculpting techniques to reduce such fat.

In America, there is one unique clinic that has set the benchmark in the field of body contouring techniques especially liposuction. The name of this clinic is Sono Bello. This prominent clinic has more than 30 branches throughout America and employs a number of highly qualified surgeons in the field of body contouring. These certified surgeons have both the in-depth knowledge and experience in a number of body contouring surgeries like liposuction to help patients attain a lean and tone figure. In recognition of the success rate of such surgical operations performed by this unique clinic, the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care Inc has accredited this clinic.

The certified surgeons of this clinic insist that it is essential for all their patients to have adequate knowledge about the procedures involved in any surgical operation. Even the surgical operations involved in body contouring like liposuction, abdominoplasty, brachioplasty and panniculectomy are not an exception to this rule.  This helps in removing any fears or doubts that the patient may have about the surgery. Moreover, the doctors at Sono Bello go the extra mile in counseling their patients before, during and after a body contouring surgery.

Most body contouring surgeries are very expensive and out of the reach of most people. However, Sono Bello has a number of unique payment options wherein you can pay the amount in limited monthly installments. Moreover, this reputed clinic is able to achieve this without having to compromise on the quality and safety of such complex surgeries. For the professionals at this clinic the quality and safety of their body contouring surgeries are far more important than monetary considerations.

People living in areas that are not near a Sono Bello center, can also avail the opportunity of having a body contouring surgery for this unique clinic. This reputed clinic has a unique “Fly In” procedure for its patients.  Under this procedure, patients living in areas that are just a flight away from nearest Sono Bello clinic can simply travel the short distance by air to take such surgeries.

For the convenience of out of town patients, this unique clinic can also introduced a virtual consultation program. Under this program, you can contact the specialists at Sono Bello and discuss your body contouring goals and type of surgeries you can avail to achieve them. Therefore, if you are looking for pocket-friendly body contouring surgical procedures that are safe and effective contact the specialists at Sono Bello today!