Find Some Comfort with the Extra Large Lifestyle Condoms.

Men are not created equal when it comes to the size of their private parts. Hence, while some have smaller phallus, the others are gifted with larger ones. Having a larger phallus doesn’t necessarily equate to be superior in any sense or being more masculine while having carnal pleasure. Because as far as having pleasure is involved, condoms now come in different sizes to cater to the needs of all men. Large condoms are usually ideal for men with bigger private parts. But they can even be used by those who want to have some room and feel much more comfortable while being intimate with their partner.

There are various dealers in the market who focus on tight fitting lifestyle condoms wholesale for men, but all are not meant for it and what they look for is some extra room. Large condoms are generally bigger at the base and are longer with a greater diameter. Among the larger condoms, the available options in the market are Durex XXL, Lifestyle XL and Trojan Magnum condoms providing a more comfortable sexual experience to the users.

The all new Durex XXL condoms are considered to be the real winners while considering the large sized condoms in the world. Compared to the earlier record holder among the large sized condoms, the Trojan magnum, the Durex Condoms are almost one and a half inch longer and reaches to almost 10 inches. It’s really extra large and are fitted with a shape which makes them really more comfortable, super thin and maintains the inherent strength to prevent any kind of breakage. The reservoir tip is that little extra room that men always prefer when they’re on the high. And the presence of the lubricant on the outer surface makes it easy to enter.

From the in house of the world’s leading producer of condoms, backed by almost more than seven decades of experience, this Durex XXL guarantee the best experience of being safe. In spite of being made up of latex, it gives hardly any odor and each of these undergoes electronic testing for reliability. The Ansell’s Lifestyle Condoms is another popular name in the industry which cater to those group that not only looks for some extra space but also want to stay for some extra minutes.

Formerly popular as the Lifestyle Large, the XL lifestyle condoms wholesale boast for being that extra large and having that flared shape . To be more precise, these lifestyle condoms are actually 15% wider than the regular Trojan and original Magnum condoms, being the best gift for not just the stocky men but even for those blessed with larger male organ. Even the Lifestyle XL condoms are the largest of their products in line and come with lubricants for the ultimate pleasure of your life.

The Trojan Magnum Condoms are no different than the two mentioned above. Only thing that have set them apart is the marketing strategies. The American Pop Culture has actually helped the Trojan condoms reach the unexpected inch of their popularity. From recording stars like Prince to Billy Joel, everyone has endorsed on the word Trojan referring to the condoms and even the Hollywood movies have not been far behind. As a result of it, the Trojan has been ingrained into the American subconscious as one of the premium condom products.