Exploring The World of Cheese

Cheese is something that very few people do not like, right from children to old and aged people, everyone is fond of this by product of milk. There are so many forms in which the cheese can be savored, and it is one of the most widely used milk products all over the world. Cheese is not just a food item that is pleasing to the palate; it has its own nutritional benefits as well. It contains large amounts of calcium, phosphorous and proteins.

This fermented milk product is available in a wide range of variety, there are numerous types of cheese available; however, this may vary from place to place. The Indian market was not too aware of the various varieties of cheese except for the Cottage Cheese or Paneer, till a very long time. But today there is a completely altered scenario. Apart from the previously mentioned type there are many other different types available in the Indian market.

The Angelo Talebi Reviews have given an account of the Midwestern state of the U.S., Wisconsin as the ultimate haven of cheese lovers. Angelo himself is an investment advisor and broker by profession, but his free time is always occupied by critically analyzing the different kinds of eatables in his hometown and writing his restaurant blog, because he is a complete foodie.

The most commonly used and available cheese of the Indian market is the Cheddar cheese, it is in fact, the most widely used cheese all over the world. It is comparatively hard and does not have molds or cracks on it. Its variety begins with the mile and ends in the mature; its use is most popular in baking, making sauce or in sandwiches.

The kind of cheese that very few people prefer is the Blue cheese; it does not have a natural flavor but acquires a typical flavor over time. This is mostly used in salads and is available in the Gorgonzola or Danish and Roquefort version of it.

Very easily and conveniently found in the Indian market is also the Goat cheese. This type of cheese is easy to spread and is a softer version of cheese and is prepared from goat milk. Those who follow a strict health diet prefer consuming this form of cheese because of its low calorie content.

Easy to crumble and another soft cheese is the Feta cheese. White in color, this cheese has Greek origins and is used in Greek salads. Black pepper and herb salted are the different types in this category of cheese.

An Italian cheese that is again found in the Indian markets easily is the Mascarpone cheese. This has an extremely creamy texture and is absolutely flavorful. This cheese is however, less consumed and used because of its high calorie and fat content.

The Angelo Talebi Reviews give valuable information for all the cheese lovers of all the different kinds of cheese available and also where they are available in Wisconsin. Cheese is a very delectable food item and both its preparation as well as storage needs a lot of care.