Enriching Your Experience by Helping Others- Peter Benedict St Andrews Tells How

Peter Benedict St Andrews is a kind of person who offer services to others without expecting anything in return. Peter says that through selfless service to others, one can grow. The development which human kind seeks does not come through earning huge amount of money only. Yes, flashy cars, high rise homes and classy lifestyle will surely help you acquire admiration from the others. However, the objective is not only to acquire admiration or awe from others. The objective is to find harmony within as well. When you find the harmony within yourself, you don’t seek it outside anymore. However, the question is, how would you get harmony from within? Peter has the answer.

According to Peter Benedict St Andrews one thing you need to understand is that human beings are not solitary existence. Human beings are social and they live with others. This is one of the reasons, a helping hand should always be extended to others. If you don’t help people you will not get help when the time arises. However, this is not the only reason, to try to help people. There are other reasons as well.

Helping others help in personal development of the people. If you are thinking of paying huge amount of money for personal development, you are looking at the wrong place. You would be able to get the maximum exposure and development through interacting with others and providing services to others. The selfless service will give you what you desire most. The satisfaction of being able to help others can augment growth in anyone says, Peter Benedict St Andrews.

Those who are in need are the closest to God. This is what Peter tries to tell everyone. When you help people in need, you help God in His work. This helps in getting personal satisfaction and eternal happiness. Anyone who is offering selfless service to the poor is actually offering service to the divine. When you give out something without even considering what you would get in return, you make yourself feel generous. This is a positive feeling which can stay with you for a long time.


Feeling positive plays a great role in personal and professional growth. You need to stick to the positive feeling if you want to be in bliss. Another important reason to try to help people without expecting anything is the chance to expand your knowledge yourself. As you meet people, as you interact with them, you find that you are more than what you think of yourself. It gives a sense of completion to be able to help people. This sense lingers long after you have done your job.

This is one of the reasons why Peter helps people without expecting anything in return. His services are always selfless. He teaches people to reach out and be of service to others.

If you are not sure how to serve others, you can begin by offering your smile. This comes for free and it does not hurt to smile at anyone. Yet, a smile can go a long way in bonding hearts and spread happiness.