Enjoy Grandeur of North Carolina Beaches with Vacation Rentals from Elan Vacations

Most of the families like to get away from the hustle-bustle of the town. The relaxing getaway is the beaches that are heaven on planet earth. The natural grandeur helps the couples to get away from their busy schedules. They can relax with their family and friends. Elan Vacations helps the tourists to get the best outer bank rentals for their stay. The couples can enjoy the housekeeping services, kitchenette, King Size bedroom, full hall bathrooms and much more. They can enjoy the peace and quietness in the lap of nature. Here are some of the top beaches that are perfect attractions for the couples while staying at the vacation rentals:

Carolina Beach

The beach is a perfect stop for fishing, seafood and the surfing. It is a kid-friendly location too because it provides games and the rides on its boardwalk. It has white sand shoreline with the sun-kissed beaches and ample of local food eateries. The visitors in the summers can enjoy the fireworks and the live music.

Coquina Beach

It has received its name from the vibrant coquina clams that are in plenty on the beach. The beach is a home to famous shipwreck Laura Barnes. Its sun-kissed beaches and the vacation rentals by Elan Vacations make the beach place a great attraction for the visitors. Moreover, the tourists can do bird watching, swim, surf and practice fishing here. The best time is to visit in summers or warm spring months. At that time, the beach encompasses the sea glass, coquina clams, shells and the occasional starfish on the shore.

Atlantic Beach

It is a part of one of the five popular communities in North Carolina. The Atlantic Beach is a crystal water beach in North Carolina. This is a great getaway for the family with kids and friends because of its lovely sunny spots. The beach is famous for its historical significance of running The Queen’s Anne’s Revenge flagship on the river waters. The tourists can learn more about the ship and its history from the nearby North Carolina Maritime Museum situated in Beaufort.

Topsail Beach

This is also one of the beautiful beaches situated in the Pender County in the North Carolina city. It is a perfect place to witness the loggerhead sea turtle. The beach is perfect for the best conch shells on the East Coast that visitors can witness. Even one can enjoy the beachside activities as fishing, boating, surfing and sunbathing.

Kure Beach

The Kure Beach is the colorful sandy beach that is located in the North Carolina. Most of the tourists love to take the vacation rentals near the beach for is amazing natural scenery. The view from the rooms nearby is magnificent. It is a great place for playing a Golf round, ocean activities as scuba diving, surfing, snorkeling and fishing. Most of the travelers like the nearby family restaurants and the shops.

To conclude, the magnificent vacation rentals make the best of holiday getaways for the tourists. They can enjoy with their family and friends near the splendid beaches with loads of oceanic activities.