Effect Of Drugs On The Functioning Of Brain

Drug addiction is taking over most of the people nowadays and there is end number of reasons that makes them use the drugs. This addiction affects the functioning of the brain in a wrong way because it is under the influence of strong drugs. Some people have tried to quit drugs but most of them fail to do so because their brain has somewhat stopped working due to an addiction to drugs. In this event, Heather Taras explains that the scientific methodology can help in treating the people to stop using drugs.

How drugs disrupt the function of the brain?

The addiction to drugs is chronic as most of the people try it out on their own initially but after sometimes, the drugs take over the working of the brain and it hampers the thinking power of an individual. Heather Taras, Drug activist states that the person is unable to leave this addiction and as a result, it disrupts their ability to resist the intake of drugs. However, it is seen that with the organization of perfect social pattern and behavior towards the drug addicts, this menace can be curbed and they can be put on a recovery process.

  • Drug addiction causes the disruption in the nerve cells and hampers communication that is sent by the nerve cells to other parts of the body. The two causes of intake of drugs are imitating the natural chemical messenger of the brain and overstimulation of the reward circuit of the brain.
  • The drugs like heroin and marijuana possess a structure similar to chemical messengers that are known as neurotransmitters. This results in fooling the brain’s receptors and it activates nerve cells to send the abnormal messages.
  • With the long-term usage of the drugs, it can affect the concentration of the neurotransmitter known as Glutamate and in return, it will impair the cognitive function of the person.
  • Some areas of the brain are related to judgment making, decision power, memory and behavior control. It is noted that with regular usage of the drugs, it eventually hampers the brain’s progress.

Steps to Prevent Drug Abuse

Heather Taras, Drug says that most of the people who take drugs get used to it and it results in severe addiction and problems in their life while most of them are rehabilitated and start leading a normal life. There are many keys points to prevent one’s addiction towards drugs and they are-

  • The awareness about the drug addiction and its harmful effects through many government-organized programs can help people to leave it.
  • Many NGO’s are reaching out to the people and educating them about the risks involved in the usage of drugs that has also put a positive impact in curbing this menace.
  • The media, school, family and community as a whole can also help the drug addicts to take a new leap in their life by helping them to leave drugs.

Thus, it can be said that with the help of proper education and training, the chronic effects of drug abuse can be eliminated.