Driving Under the Influence Law – What Olympia Law Says about it

One beer does not get you drunk. But, one beer can get arrested for drunk driving. This is unfortunate. But, it happens. People get arrested for drunk driving after just one beer all the time. If you are not aware of the DUI law, you should know that getting arrested for this offense does not only bring embarrassment. It comes with more trouble than you can imagine. To avoid getting into severe legal trouble, you need to get yourself educated. It is important to know about DUI law and the myths that surround it.

Olympia Law is popular law firms with experienced lawyers who can help you fight DUI arrest. The lawyers have helped enough people to know that there are many wrong concepts which people believe to be true. Knowing the truth can help you stay away from trouble.

DUI Myths

So, you think you can get charged for DUI only when you are behind the wheel, right? If you are unfortunate, you don’t need to be behind the wheel to get charged. Acting drunk, getting noticed by the cops and being behind the wheel recently, can get you charged. This is complex, but, this is true.

You can get charged only if you consume alcohol and drive. Sorry to debunk this concept, but, you can get charged for consuming prescribed drugs before driving as well. Some drugs cause dizziness. These are considered dangerous drugs by the law.

Some think that DUI is a minor offense. True this is a misdemeanor. True you will not hit the death row for drunk driving. But, this is anything but minor. Your license can be suspended for committing this offense. Also, if you are caught more than once for drunk driving you might be sent to prison. The stigma of arrest can cause psychological issues. For this reason, the Olympia Law firm makes it a point to treat DUI seriously. The lawyers say that gone are the days when people used to get dragged to the police station to pay fine and then walk away free.

Only 0.08 BAC can get you charged for drunk driving. This is another wrong concept. It is not the level of alcohol in blood, but how you act behind the wheel that decides whether you get busted or not.

Cooperate with the cops and your troubles will vanish. If you do, you will be inviting trouble for yourself and nothing else. Anything you say, will be used against you later. In case, you are drunk, don’t try to talk to the cops. Keep your mouth shut and call a DUI lawyer. Nothing else will help you get out of the situation.

DUI charge calls for the assistance of lawyers. Some are driven by the notion that any lawyer can deal with this charge. This is not true. Only a DUI lawyer with experience in offering guidance and solution for drunk driving cases can help you avoid prison time or license suspension.

Remember to call a lawyer in case you are stopped for DUI check and you are actually driving under the influence.