An Insight Into An Expert Of Senior Care, Hotel & Hospitality Investment

The Javelin Group LLC is one of the most prominent hospitality companies in America, which along with its affiliated sister companies is one of the largest developers, promoters and investors in commercial real estate buildings. The company specializes in making strategic investments in building and developing properties that serve as living facilities for care and welfare of senior citizens. This corporate enterprise has a team of proficient experts who have the necessary training, skill, knowledge and expertise of the latest industry trends of this particular segment of property market. The core objective of the top management of this business enterprise in the context of making investments in this sector is accomplish its strategic goals and assist in the expansion of its network.

Profile of the company and its president

Since its foundation in 2004, the Javelin Group LLC has made investments equivalent to $ 400 million in real estate market in the form of equity commitments in association with reputed institutional investors and companies operating in the financial sector. The company’s president, Alan Naul is the brainchild behind this corporate enterprise’s accomplishment and its rapid expansion since he founded it in 2003. The Alan Naul Javelin Group supervises, manages and controls the formulation and implementation primary strategies for the progress and expansion of its healthcare real estate assets in the United States from the company’s headquarters in Dallas, Texas. Mr. Naul personally oversees and channels investments in facilities along with groups that offer assisted living besides memory care to the senior citizens of society.

Mr. Naul and his team of passionate, dedicated and competent professionals deal with and administer the construction of thirty-five real estate buildings in six states in America. In this endeavor, the company has holdings equal to $ 100 million in equity commitments. Prior to becoming president of the Javelin Group LLC, Mr. Naul was the managing director of Hampstead Group, another renowned corporate investment and property development firm. During his term with this company, he was in-charge of conceptualizing acquisition schemes and strategies for investments in the hospitality and healthcare segments of the market besides supervising asset management. Among his accomplishments with this company, Mr Naul was the mastermind behind the purchase and renovation of two prominent hospitality-lodging programs, Bristol Hotels & Resorts and Wyndham Hotels.

Need for strategic leadership in real estate market

This business administration degree holder from Cox School of Business associated with Southern Methodist University in Texas says the rapidly changing environment in the hospitality industry makes it difficult for companies to gain the competitive edge. It is imperative for those people who wish to establish themselves in this industry to have thorough understanding and appreciation of the market conditions to be able to formulate, implement and evaluate competitive strategies in this sector. This is the only way forward for such individuals to gain the confidence and support of clients and investors alike. In fact, such abilities went a long way in helping Mr. Naul establish the Javelin Group LLC.

The Alan Naul Javelin Group is renowned for its professionalism and commitment to excellence making it the first choice among clients and investors in the hospitality industry.