An Account of Purple Heart Honor Roll to Veterans by Brendan Triplett

There are various kinds of military honors that are presented to the service personnel by the respective countries and even includes the highest gallantry awards. In America, the soldiers who have showed a remarkable bravery during the war and achieved a win against the enemy forces is awarded Purple Heart or The Bronze Star Medal that is presented to honor the courage of soldiers. Brendan Triplett is also a military veteran and is a recipient of both these Military Honors for showing bravery in the battlefield.

What one needs to know about Purple Heart?

The Purple Heart is given to the soldiers who have shown exemplary courage during the time of war and this prestigious medal is awarded to wounded soldiers or is given to the family of the soldier posthumously who have died fighting in combat operations. Gen. George Washington devised the Honor on August 7, 1782 and dated back it was known as the Badge of Military Merit. Brendan Triplett states about various other points that are related with the Purple Heart Honor and they are stated as under:-

  • This Honor is said to be the oldest medal in the military and came into force to award the courage of the soldiers on the battlefield since the Continental Congress banned the General from given promotions to the soldiers. This Badge was then created to honor the soldiers for the achievements in the combat operations.
  • This Badge was revived on February 22, 1932 on the bicentennial of the General Washington’s birth. In consultancy with the U.S. War Department, then General Douglas MacArthur helped in the creation of the Purple Heart Honor.
  • This Honor was given to the soldiers by pinning it on their chest in past times but in the modern times, it is also given to the wounded or martyred soldier in the war operations.
  • The Purple Heart Honor is made of purple colored heart shaped silk cloth and the Merit is engraved on it in the silver and is presented for the soldier’s courage and meritorious service too.

Impact of Presenting the Honor

According to Brendan Triplett , who is also a recipient of Purple Heart Honor states that it is an honor to be the part of the largest Army in the world and to receive the honor for bravery and meritorious service. On the other hand, he shares the view on the PTSD syndrome that is Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder with which most of the soldiers suffer who has returned from war. Most of the people are of the view that presenting the Purple Heart Honor may cause stress, anxiety, rage and another kind of mental disorders in the soldiers and officers who have returned from the war operations. Even after so many conflicting reviews the Honor, hold the higher esteem and remain a symbol of bravery, upstanding behavior of soldier during wartime and nationalism that is presented to a soldier.

Lastly, it may have some effects on the soldier’s mind but at the end, it is still a meritorious Badge that honors the supreme sacrifice of a soldier.