The 自然 Conservancy and BTG Pactual Timberland Investment Group join forces to pursue climate action and conservation

Collaboration aims to leverage potential of sustainably managed forests across the United States to address the biodiversity and climate crises

发表: 2021年9月14日
作者: WBCSD通信
类型: 新时代赌场亚洲最佳

The 自然 Conservancy (TNC) and the BTG Pactual Timberland Investment Group (TIG), 世界上最大的林地投资管理公司之一, are joining forces to leverage the potential of sustainably managed forests across the United States to address the twin crises of biodiversity loss and climate change. 通过今天宣布的首个此类协议, the initiative will seek to enhance climate action and conservation outcomes on more than $850 million(1) out of TIG’s $4 billion global timberland portfolio(2).

该倡议将重点关注美国的森林, 根据协议, TNC will serve as Conservation Advisor on nearly 530 thousand acres managed by TIG across 11 states1 (an area more than 35 times the size of Manhattan). TIG and TNC will seek to establish science-based targets with the goal of delivering on-the-ground climate and conservation outcomes at scale. TIG will incorporate these targets with the objective of maintaining or enhancing financial performance.

This collaboration combines TIG’s more than forty-year track record(3) of sustainably managing timberland assets and TNC’s decades of experience executing science-based conservation strategies at scale, particularly with regards to water quality protection and enhancement, 修复和重新造林, 碳封存, 森林保护.

在美国, forests and forest products capture and store nearly 15 percent of the country’s carbon emissions. 根据美国森林, they have the potential to capture nearly twice as much if concerted efforts are made to conserve more forests, plant trees and adopt climate-smart practices for managing working forests.  

同时, institutional investors are searching for ways to align their portfolios with the goals of the Paris Agreement, and they are increasingly seeking opportunities capable of delivering social and environmental impact alongside financial returns. 根据净零新时代赌场亚洲最佳在线娱乐品牌管理人计划, more than $43 trillion in assets and investment portfolios have already been committed to net neutrality by 2050.

Gerrity兰辛, 的触摸, 说, “Despite the enormous surge of interest among investors in climate-positive forestry, 以及气候友好型投资, there still is a large gap between investor demand and the availability of institutional-scale opportunities capable of delivering robust environmental and social impacts.”

“While the commercial forestry industry knows how to invest and manage forests at scale, 投资者正在寻求对气候的额外好处, 生物多样性和当地社区, 除了商业惯例带来的好处,”他补充道. “This new initiative will combine TIG and TNC’s expertise to unlock additional conservation and climate action on more than a half-million acres, while also offering a blueprint for enhancing the management of timberland assets more broadly across the United States.”  

“Private capital plays a huge role in addressing the climate and biodiversity crises we’re facing,夏洛特·凯泽说, 自然Vest董事总经理, TNC的内部影响投资团队. “But creating the change we need can’t rely on best intentions; we need to channel capital to the right places and the right strategies to deliver effective and measurable impact. 通过这次合作, TNC和TIG可以集中在哪里, 为什么和如何目标有形, 长期的结果.”

这一合作涉及11个州的核心林地新时代赌场亚洲最佳在线娱乐品牌, 包括美国南部, 湖泊州和太平洋西北部, and includes large areas which TNC has identified as having high conservation value. 除了, TIG和TNC正在评估广泛的保护机会, including supporting habitat restoration and connectivity and generating high-quality carbon offsets.

The announcement comes as new sources of capital are emerging to help finance additional conservation and climate action through working forests. 美国最近一直在资助美国土地 & 每年拨款九亿元,作为节约用水基金, which significantly increases funding for conservation easements on private land. 除了, voluntary carbon markets are also expanding as corporations and investors pursue comprehensive, science-based carbon-reduction strategies that incorporate high-quality carbon credits as a component of their path to net-zero, 为可持续管理提供进一步支持, 对气候和自然有利的工作森林.


[1] As of June 30, 2021; TIG.

[2] As of August 31, 2021; TIG.

[3]自从开始为分配目的是1Q1990, figure includes profit distributions and return of capital; includes TIG’s predecessor companies.

[4] As of August 31, 2021; TIG.

关于BTG Pactual

BTG Pactual (BPAC11) is the biggest investment bank from Latin America, 投资银行业务, 企业贷款, 销售 & 交易、财富管理及新时代赌场亚洲最佳在线娱乐品牌管理. 自《新时代赌场亚洲最佳在线娱乐品牌》, in 1983, 世行一直基于一种任人唯贤的伙伴关系文化运行, 专注于客户, 卓越和长远的新时代赌场亚洲最佳. BTG Pactual has cemented its status as one of the most innovative sector players and have won numerous national and international awards. BTG Pactual目前拥有超过4家公司,000名员工在巴西各地的办公室工作, 以及智利, 阿根廷, 哥伦比亚, 秘鲁, 墨西哥, 美国, 葡萄牙和英格兰. 欲了解更多信息,请访问


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