Nestlé unveils plans to support the transition to a regenerative food system

发表: 2021年9月16日
作者: WBCSD通信
类型: 新时代赌场亚洲最佳

韦威, Switzerland: 雀巢公司是 laying out its plans to support and accelerate the transition to a regenerative food system – one that aims to protect and restore the environment, improve the livelihoods of farmers and enhance the well-being of farming communities. Nestlé将与其食品系统合作伙伴合作, 包括公司的网络500多家,000个农民和150个,000家供应商, to advance regenerative farming practices at the heart of the food system. 作为这段旅程的一部分, the company will also initiate new programs to help address the social and economic challenges of the transition.

The announcement is being made in the lead-up to the UN 食物 Systems Summit in New York, as part of Nestle's contribution to help achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030. It also follows the recent report from the United Nations' Intergovernmental Panel on 气候 Change that shows the climate crisis is intensifying.

"We know that regenerative agriculture plays a critical role in improving soil health, 长期恢复水循环和增加生物多样性,保罗·薄凯说, 雀巢公司的董事长. "These outcomes form the foundation of sustainable food production and, 最重要的是, 也有助于实现我们的雄心壮志 气候目标."

Nestlé是《新时代赌场亚洲最佳》的签署国.5°C的承诺,并是第一批分享其详细的公司之一, 有时间限制的气候计划. The company is taking measures to halve its emissions by 2030 and achieve net zero by 2050.

“我们与全球农业社区的长期合作伙伴关系, we want to increase our support for farming practices that are good for the environment and good for people,马克·施耐德说, 雀巢首席执行官. "In the spirit of enabling a just transition it is vital that we support farmers around the world that take on the risks and costs associated with the move towards regenerative agriculture."

Nestlé正在投资1瑞士法郎.2 billion over the next five years to spark regenerative agriculture across the company's supply chain, using three primary levers to help farmers adopt regenerative practices:

  • Apply state-of-the-art science and technology, provide technical assistance: 利用其庞大的R网络&D专家和农学家, 雀巢公司是, 例如, developing higher-yielding coffee and cocoa varieties with lower environmental impact and assessing novel solutions to reduce emissions in the dairy supply chain. Nestlé will also offer agricultural training and help farmers exchange information and best practices that can be adapted locally.
  • 提供投资支持: The transition to regenerative agriculture comes with initial risks and new costs. Nestlé将通过与农民共同投资来支持他们, facilitating lending or helping them obtain loans for specific equipment. The company will also work with partners to fund pilot 项目 to test and learn how best to advance regenerative agriculture.
  • 为再生农产品支付溢价: Nestlé will offer premiums for many raw materials produced using regenerative agriculture practices and buy bigger quantities. This means rewarding farmers not only for the quantity and quality of ingredients, but also for the benefits they provide to the environment through soil protection, 水管理和碳封存.

今天, Nestlé published the most important regenerative farming practices that the company wants to promote. 它们包括, 等, 加强生物多样性, 水土保持, 水循环的再生和牲畜的整合. Agriculture accounts for nearly two-thirds of Nestlé's total greenhouse gas emissions, 其中奶制品和牲畜占了一半. 在乳制品, 例如, 雀巢公司是 assessing cutting edge science and technology to reduce emissions at farm level. The company will start working with 30 reference dairy farms in 12 countries to test scalable, climate-friendly and regenerative agricultural practices that help achieve net zero greenhouse gas emissions. 雀巢公司是 also working with farmers to select and cultivate nutritious and tasty pulse varieties to be used as milk alternatives. 更多关于Nestlé方法的信息可以参考 在线(pdf、1 mb).

Supporting farming communities through new living income and 青年 programs

再生农业有助于再生粮食系统, 哪些对所有参与者应该是公平和透明的. 雀巢公司是 committed to supporting improved and diversified farmer incomes through its sustainability programs. 此外, Nestlé will implement new living income programs for farmers in its value chain to make farming more attractive. Later this year, Nestlé will unveil specific plans for its coffee and cocoa supply chains.

支持热爱农业的年轻人, 雀巢公司是 launching a new training platform in November to attract and train the next generation of farmers. The training will focus on regenerative agriculture practices and improving the resilience of farms to climate change for more than 40,000名农民参与Nestlé的农业创业项目.

Nestlé's regeneration efforts are launching under the umbrella title of 'Generation Regeneration' focused on farmers, 青年, 消费者和自己的雇员.


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