5 Kinds of Redirects and How Google Handles Them

Despite of all the hard work and investment on your website, when you see someone prevailing and beating your business with black hat tactics, you would feel bad, don’t you?

Yes, this is true. Even though Google has made numerous attempts to nip black-hats in the bud, and has been quite successful in it, yet we see cases where spammers and link manipulators escape and rank higher on SERPs. That’s Unfair!

In this post, we’re going to learn Why’s and How’s of black-hat SEO tactics that are still not considered as poker cheating. And who else can teach you better than a pro himself. So, here’s what some of the best search engine optimization services Toronto had in their bags.


Even though Google has done a lot to clean cheaters and spammers out of its search results, we still see some of them ranking well for some queries.For example, look at a result page shown in a recent search engine land article.The second through fifth results look like they would give the searcher a PDF with the information he or she is looking for.But when you click,they would actually redirect you to a sales page on a website.

This Black Hat technique is known ascloaking.The Google Search bot can actually see the PDF which does exist.But a hacker got access to the page where the PDF resides and inserted a sophisticated script to redirect the users to the sales page. By the way, you can read more about that example in this article by Barry Schwartz on Search Engine Land.

Now, in 2016, if you do the same search, you will see two PDFs at the top of results, and both of them are leading to 404 pages (meaning, link to page no longer exists). That’s possibly due to the fact that the sites would have discovered the hacking of their PDF pages, so they took them down. Anyhow, Google Search bot hasn’t discovered it as yet.

Should You Choose Black Hat

  • Does that mean Google cannot do anything to end this issue?
  • Does it mean Black-Hat SEO is a good idea after all?

No, not at all, given that you have interest in building your business for a long term. This technique cannot work that long. Although, spamming and manipulation of links may slip through at times, Google is getting better and better at detecting it and dealing with it. It’s getting quicker as well.

If you’ve read an article about Google’s preparation against Black Hat SEO, you knew the answer, and that is “Machine Learning”.

Google’s Machine Learning

Now, Google uses machine learning for a lot of things other than fighting spam, but the incentive to try to manipulate search is high because there’s so much money in it.

  • Machine learning can be a valuable tool for Google in helping them keep ahead in that never-ending arms race. In a nutshell, machine learning will probably enable many anti-spam algorithms to quickly find patterns that usually indicate spamming or manipulative behavior.
  • Since a Google machine will always be able to think faster than human spammers, this will help them out-pace them and help the search quality keep getting higher all the time.

Stay Away!

Even though Black Hat SEO used to be a lot easier, it is better to stick with White Hat tactics, because:

  • You never know how quickly you’re tactics will be discovered
  • You may escape for a while, but eventually, Google will knock you out
  • No business can sustain with black-hat tactics for long term

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