4 Features That You DEFINITELY Need in Your Serviced Office

It does not matter whether you sell running shoes, sofas, or soft drinks; if you want your business to be a success, you need the right resources. Being able to access a fully equipped and comfortable workspace is one of the most important, but there is more than one way to do this. After all, the traditional long-term office lease just isn’t practical for everybody.

It can end up locking a growing business in an unsuitable rental agreement. Many of the current rental contracts in Australia require tenants to stay put for two years or more. While it might sound like stability, the truth is that new ventures need flexibility. They have to be able to capitalise quickly on market trends, and a long-term lease prevents this.

It is why many startups and entrepreneurs are turning to serviced office solutions. Keep reading to find out more about what they can offer you.


A Great Location

The location is, arguably, the most valuable asset of all and one of the reasons why serviced offices are superior to conventional leases. With this option, you get to access the type of facilities which are usually right at the top end of the market. For example, you might pick a Servcorp serviced office at Barangaroo, in Sydney. Long term leases here are some of the priciest in the world, but virtual suites cut costs by offering all resources and services in one comprehensive package.

Constant Connectivity

Many serviced facilities provide 24/7 phone lines for businesses with international connectivity requirements. If you were to expand into one of the major Australian cities, from overseas, you would need a way to stay available to customers in different time zones. Even if round the clock telephone hours are not essential, a dedicated receptionist frees up your workforce and resources for more important tasks.

Back Office Support

The finest serviced offices offer more than just blank canvases. While they do ensure plenty of room for independent growth and creativity, they also have a robust back office support team on hand to fix problems quickly. Whether your issue is secretarial, administrative, digital, or tech based, there’s a professional on hand to help. It is an invaluable resource because it means that you do not have to splash out on third party services every time you need help.

Negotiable Terms

Agreeing on negotiable terms should not be a problem because the vast majority of serviced offices keep their lease agreements open. In other words, you can choose to change the terms whenever it suits. You may have to wait a few weeks (until the end of the month) for an up or downgrade to take effect, but it beats the 2-5 year wait often associated with long-term agreements. Ultimately, you get to invest in the level of security that is right for you. So, if you want to rent for six months and then think about a relocation, the decision is yours.

Could You Be Happy in a Serviced Office?

The thing to remember about serviced offices is that they do not have to be shared with other tenants. The common misconception is to mix them up with virtual solutions, which don’t offer a private space. Both options have their advantages, but sizeable teams usually want a dedicated, customisable work environment.

Take a tour around one of the serviced facilities in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, or Hobart if you are curious. You can check out the resources on offer, chat with current tenants, and discuss the specific requirements of your venture. Make sure that the facility you choose has suitable internet, telephone, emailing, conferencing, and secretarial capabilities.