17 Tips on how to be a successful business leader

The business idea is the foundation on which is based any existing business, that’s what Syntax believes in.The idea is the basic engine of an entrepreneurial economy. That is the difference that makes small businesses unique, adaptable and certainly successful.

  1. Know your potential market.

Of course if you know the potential market well enough you should feel free to start brainstorming business ideas from it. In any case they will be the biggest potential.

  1. Select a place that enhances creativity.

Creativity is the basis for good brainstorming.

  1. Be open-minded during the process of brainstorming

Free-mindedness will help you get rid of various prejudices when it comes to business ideas and will certainly improve each brainstorming session.

  1. Make some noise.

This is a good recommendation. Many businesses are built and persist on the basis of noise that rises around them. So start making some ‘’noise’’ and see what happens.

  1. Always take the notebook with you.

If you don’t have a notebook with you, there is a possibility that you can forget some ideas. Even the craziest and most stupid and ideas may be the best in the future.

  1. Gather as much as possible people that you can trust.

Brainstorming depends on the people who participate in such session. Gather as much as possible people, but people that you really trust and who you think have the potential for such task.

  1. Visit fairs and of course electronic fairs.

Many ideas may arise from visiting fairs and electronic fairs.

  1. Travel.

Travel boosts creativity and certainly opens your mind, so use the ideas that come to your mind when you travel or when you are on a vacation.

  1. Refer yourself to the business model of your future or your current business.

Each repeated view of the business model will lead to some possible shortcomings, weaknesses or new ideas for improvement.

  1. Brainstorm bad ideas too.

Do not call them bad ideas just, because they are a total contrast of your good ideas.

  1. Expand your own views.

The more expanded the view – the better ideas will emerge from a brainstorming process.

  1. Avoid too much thinking.

Too much thinking prevents our creativity and imagination course. They are essential for good and unique business ideas.

  1. How to be different?

Always ask yourself this question: How do you differ from others?

  1. What do you want?

All subsequent ideas, activities and actions depend on what exactly you want to achieve. Start from there and keep returning backwards.

  1. Talk to some big business men.

Sometimes good ideas can emerge from those big companies in the same or similar industry. So do not forget to check with them.

  1. Talk to some semi – successful business men.

Creativity of other entrepreneurs of small businesses like you can show you some possible future avenues for your business.

  1. Choose a good team.

A team that you want to work with, can greatly help you with ideas. So choose a good team and use it.